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    My Second Life Alter Ego has found her calling! Create content for Snuffme!
    Im also a PornStar with regular content, well still some dense fetishes but just sissy and bimbo hypnosis or mind fucks with anal insertions.
    As you know, or not, im into real hardcore gore and sadistic torture. If i repaint the whole place in red im happy!

    Discovered Dolcett for the first time with 13-14. Im 35, that’s over 20 years of knowing how sick i can get when horny!!! have always hidden this side of me. I feared the day i lost it and really hurt someone to fap. very rarely did i indulge myself into the dolcett universe to get my arousal. Impalements, without the BBQ is hot enough for me! I do love gynophagia but only when its self sacrifice. Its not that i want to impale someone, i want to be impaled, i want to be a Dolcett Meat Girl and i want to do it for the sick and twisted entertainment of the masses. The worse the suffering the better!

    SECOND LIFE IS AWESOME! This is why i started this thread.
    SL is just awesome when it comes to torturing and killing each other in the most brutal ways!
    The past few days i have been Meredith on the Jessica 3000 around 5 times!
    Today im finally satisfied and want to splatter the guts of unsuspecting victims.

    CLUB-X Girl cut in half on a Buzz Saw!
    I have been searching for years, never finding more than magicians tricks or bad movies… I need a Girl cut in half on a Saw Table, just like in Club-X, only one animation at Heavy-R worth fappin too. That’s how i found this place! HEY ADMINS GIVE ME AN HEAVY-R INVITE PLEASE! I mean it!

    A while ago, in one of my horny rampages did i remix this file and uploaded it to Vimeo.
    Hucow Meat Manufacturing Plant

    Now we come to the most important part of this topic and the reason im writing this essay!
    I loved creating Snuffme content, i want to share it with you all!

    I recorded my Meat Girl Roastings!
    Im not gona pay for storage, google drive and DropBox are out of the question, Microsoft just deletes the files without warning….
    I cant share it anywhere since its forbidden on the Mainstream tubes, my official pornstar site would be closed down cus my payment providers are pussies…, MEGA has already banned me cus i used the words “Hypnosis”, “Forced”, “Black New World Order” and “Extermination” i could hide it at Xvideos but it will be deleted eventually.

    I would love to get an answer with a well educated solution helping this poor content creator able to reach her audience! Giggle.
    Lets talk about service costs or earnings once a few files of mine are available!

    A few pics to tease you!
    One is me in my Sissy Bimbo Uniform, the later my Second Life alter ego. We do have the same hair style.

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    This is what i bought today to finally fap my brains out to a club-X Buzz Saw Table!

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