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    So, as the topic says. What’s your greatest dolcett fantasy?
    Mine was always asphyx-related, especially hanging. I’d like it both ways, to be the hangman and the hangee 😀 I also experimented myself a bit with plastic bags 🙂



    To me it’s mostly about cannibalism! It’s not the blood and death… ironically, but more the thought of a willing victim on its way to get roasted / boiled / baked / fried / whatsoever alive.

    My favourite example of it is a real life role play I attended with with a forest ranger

    (Not saying I would ever recommend anyone to do an actual meet-up for such a role play. I knew that person for a long while, out there are many bad people, fantasy is always better! E.g. It goes further)

    We met up, at his house so I could put on the right clothing, then I ran into the woods. He came to “hunt” me down and got me back to his house where he started preparing.

    That’s the perfect dolcett scene for me. The victim wants to be hunted down, it runs and is just completely exited, gets turned on, but with every second the stuff gets more and more final, there is no way out.
    The roast has to look perfect, the people eating you need to admire your roast.
    But the best is that with every step taken the victim slowly looses a bit of control, in theory the hunter could do whatever he / she wants.

    That’s soooooo hot!

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    Impalement and roasting is the most exciting theme to me. Always with consent though.



    My favorite Dolcett fantasy is when a slave consensually offers herself to be impaled and slow roasted before a crowd of onlookers. i particularly enjoy the thought of vulnerability being stripped naked before a bunch of people who would only view me as food. i would like to imagine however that i had undergone other test and trials to be deemed worthy of roasting first like having survived hung on a noose for a long time and having endured all sorts of cruel tortures and castration first such that my offering had no sexual pleasure for me. Exhibitionism has a big thrill for me. i like to imagine people snapping pictures and taking video as i am slowly impaled.

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    @sissysuberica I have sort of similar fantasy, but instead of castration it might be for example bagging or insanely huge anal penetrations. But generally, the trial thing is extremely hot 😀 Other examples of trial might be:
    – massive bukkake gangrape
    – extreme belly inflation
    – nipple cutting

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