Shooting Executions

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    Shot while balls deep in their ass.


    i was looking at you
    and thought it would be fun
    to shoot you in the ass
    and use a big gun

    you shook your sexy hips
    and said do me in bed
    you pursed your pretty lips
    and said i like to be dead

    how do you figure
    i’ll look good when i splatter
    please pull the trigger
    and watch my skull shatter

    no not in the head
    id rather shoot you in the belly
    please, baby, i said
    you know i love jelly

    you prefer stench
    to a hole in the skull
    whats wrong with you
    are you really that dull

    ok lets compromise
    a bullet in the cunt
    wow that will hurt
    i will scream i will grunt

    i’m getting the fits
    i’m upset just a tad
    i’ll shoot off your tits
    before i get mad

    alright honey
    let’s make it fun
    ill open my legs
    you shoot the big gun

    i shot her once
    she sucked my cock
    i did her again
    she went into shock

    i’m not dead yet
    but i’m starting to fry
    whew i am really wet
    but when will i die

    soon darlin
    do you think you can cum
    i’m tryin hard love
    but i’m gettin pretty numb

    i shot her and shot her
    she spassed and she lurked
    i cumed in her mouth
    then she died when she jerked

    i kissed her good by
    she was sexy to die
    i fucked her some more
    and went to the shore

    now she’s dead
    i’m in a bad mood
    layen in bed
    i’m starting to brood

    two days later
    i met someone new
    she said i like guns
    what about you?

    i walked outside
    i started to cry
    she kissed my mouth
    and said im ready to die

    i fell on the ground
    ready to scream
    what a merry go round
    what a horny dream 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 37 through 39 (of 39 total)

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