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    Hey there, Hope this counts as smalltalk. Since Zambianmeat was closed last year I was searching the web for alternatives. Recognizably a specific site often pops up „Dark Fetish Network“. However trying to get access one is required to have an invitation code.
    I’m not trying to force someone to get me one, but the question would be if there will be a time people without one can join, is it worth it, and how do you get one if you don’t know anyone there.



    @myletusplay When I find my username and password, I’ll try to look if there is an option to send an invite 🙂 Back in the days the registration on dark fetish net was available for everyone.
    As for other places – gurochan – but beware – the board has been swamped with underage content numerous times in the past.
    There’s also thedarkspot, but the website is ultra slow, loading one image literally takes 20 minutes.
    Also, dolcettgirls forum, but I can’t remember the exact address on the spot 🙂



    @razer1911 wow, thank you so much! For me it’s not only pictures, but also role playing, seeking over reddit most people who do snuff only want to talk sex and snuff in one or two sentences. I thought, according to the forums description, this might be a great place to satisfy my needs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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