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    F. Wulf

    Hi Kids,
    Been in Dolcettish, DFN, always looking for something more interactive. I’m no artist, but have written a few very short stories for my own amusement. I’m into almost every kind of snuff/torture fantasy, and mostly like and write from a consensual (female) victim’s POV. I may share after checking things out a while.



    Hi Wulf, thx for joining! Consensual snuff is best snuff to be honest. Also, so far we have no story-posters around here so please don’t hesistate to post your stuff 🙂 Just out of curiosity – what do you mean by “more interactive”? If you have any suggestions regarding this website it’s a good place to share them. I will try to implement every functionality mentioned by community members (if my finances will allow me to do so).

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