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    Ant a Dev

    Hi! My name is Ant à Dev or antadev for short
    Or at least my artists name is.

    Think I don’t need much of an introduction; I see my artwork is already here…

    … and I post under a pseudonym so I’m not going to share personal details.

    But I can share my interests:
    Turn ons: impaling, jessica3000, longpig/barbecue, ball gags, anal
    Turn offs: hanging, choking, blood and guts, big tits

    Ant à Dev

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    the reaper

    Cheers @antadev ! Cool to see you here 🙂 What software are you using, Daz or Poser?


    Ant a Dev

    I use Daz under linux, using wine emulator. That causes some issues, but none so bad it would cancel out the torment of having to work with windows.
    The vibe I got from Poser is that it was not far from being abandonware, not in the least because of its business model and the figure quality.
    I mean, most of the people still working with Poser continue to do so because they loathe to have to relearn everything from scratch in Daz… not because they think Poser is that good…
    For anyone new to the field, I would advocate to learn Daz. Or… Blender possibly, though that is pretty wildly different, and has broader functionality.
    Reallife precludes me from firing up Daz at this point in time though.

    …I left you a private message on DeviantArt, did you see it? 🙂

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    antadev nice to meet you. you say hassle of win. yeah win is win. a hassle. But runing a linux and then going wine to emulate badly a prog you could replace by a linux version.
    Sorry… techie…
    Wana punish me this sites style?


    Bob Brown

    I tried to get into DAZ Studio, but there was some interference from my converted DAZ to Poser files on two computers and I could never get DAZ Studio to work, even with personal help from DAZ.

    I use PoserPro 2014 and have over 500,000 views over a few years. I also trim things up with Photoshop. There are times that I cannot imagine getting a better images than I do. Yeah, the learning curve on both are huge. There are still things I haven’t taken the time to get into on Poser, but have the video tutorials to do so.
    Did anyone read my comments on lighting? That is where the realism can really be made perfect. The best lighting is so simple and everyone tries to make it so complicated. Also there is attention to detail, every joint.

    Anyway, welcome antadev, I look forward to seeing your stuff.



    Ant a Dev

    Hi Brandynette. I’m confused, which linux version are you referring to?


    the reaper

    Wow, this thread really snowballed lol 😀
    @antadev you surely must have a powerful workstation if you manage to work in Daz under wine O_O. Besides, why working with Windows is a torment? For enterprise-grade workstations unix is the obv choice, but I can’t imagine running everything I use through wine – games, Daz and such.. such a waste of hardware.
    @early I tried to convert some Poser stuff to Daz but most don’t work correctly out-of-the-box unless you know exactly what you’re doing… and I don’t 😀
    And maybye @melkanea is talking about some Daz equivalent for linux which we don’t know of???


    the reaper

    @antadev I dropped you a PM 🙂



    Im happy with my win 10. Since its legal, serial nr married to my machine i will never have support issues.

    All OS are a hassle. In win its waiting for a bug fix to miraculously come out for your benefit and linux its wasting days if not weeks in formus just to go trial and error into almost kernel panic.
    I love linux for a server, a home theater with VLC. Or to capture my stream and upload it.
    But when it come to serious working, 50 tabs open, streaming, recording and rendering vids im all for win.

    Apple is the same crap combined, just that there are no user fixes and its expensive. Well video and image rendering kicks ass but thats just cus the software, PhotoS ie, is literally designed and optimized first for them. if win or linux had the same adobe support apple would be the slowest.


    Ant a Dev

    @razer1911 I think not, it’s a seven year old Athlon. Does have 24GB, an SSD and a GeForce GTX1060.
    I think I just never experienced Daz on a proper system so there’s nothing to compare to and I just shrug it off.

    I can’t select the Nvidia for rendering (I suppose because of the emulation but it’s unclear¹), and CPU rendering on this AMD is slow as hell so I render on a headless i5 system (using 3Delight).
    Still takes a long time but now it doesn’t bother me anymore -my workstation isn’t bogged down by rendering- so I don’t really give a shit how long a render takes.

    ¹ The Nvidia is recognized and used by Daz for the realtime display, I know this because I could compare to the speed before I purchased this Nvidia card (which was unworkable, in hindsight) .

    Working with windows depresses me, frustrates me and enrages me, all at the same time. It’s just not worth it for me.
    For games, there’s Xbox and Playstation…


    the reaper

    @antadev yep, the nvidia card can’t be selected probalbly due to emulation. I have a 6th gen i7 on my laptop, and 3Delight renders take around ~15 minutes using IBL Master with 8k HDR maps.
    Besides, can you give some details on how you achieved a headless render?


    Ant a Dev

    Hi @razer1911
    First, I don’t know what render times mean without any context. Number of figures, background, number of light sources, hair, resolution, render quality, all play major roles in render times.
    Read my journals on deviantart if you want to hear some of the horror stories.
    But I can share a few things here, which are probably generally true… hair is sometimes dramatic. I’m sure it depends on the hair and on a variety of settings, but in my renders it often happens that rendering the hair accounts for 25%-50% of the total time. Which is insane. Most of my renders take up a few hours at least, some take overnight, a tiny fraction take several days. Yes, days.
    I’ve not used HDR yet.

    To render on a separate machine you gotta use a renderer that supports it. 3Delight does out of the box, Luxrender needs a plugin (like Reality), Iray/Nvidia doesn’t support it at all. I tried Luxrender/Reality but I could not make that work for me, and the support people claimed that it was only supported to render on a machine that has the same DAZ file tree available, even using the same OS filesystem conventions. So I was supposed to find C:\… files on my linux box. Which is more than a bit idiotic if you ask me. Waste of money spent on Reality…
    3Delight is nice though. You’ll need a standalone renderer. I don’t recall what I used now but it shouldn’t be hard to find. Then in Daz there’s a few checkmarks you need to set, but that’s it. Then when you click “render” it builds the render job file, and it then gathers all the necessary files and drops all in a folder. I then copy that to the remote machine and launch the renderer there, over ssh+screen. And then you just wait. Well you can check the tiff to see the progress, if you like. That’s all.

    I just took a long look at all the galleries… Do I just say thanks or do you welcome criticism as well? 🙂

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