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    Let’s play a game folks.
    Exquisite Corpse is a game where many people build a story, each time adding a new paragraph, creating an open, endless story with infinite possibilities. So let’s build a snuff story together !

    Here are the rules :
    1: Every paragraph added must be coherent with the previous ones
    2: A paragraph shouldn’t be under 5 or above 15 lines
    3: It’s forbidden to post twice in a row, but there is no limit to one’s number of entries !
    4: No fetishes restrictions, except for those forbidden by General Rules (So no underage characters)
    5: No definitive ending. If one kills a character they must be room for a new one
    6: Have fun !

    Here is the first entry !

    Chris was coming back home, exhausted by a long plane trip. The young official opened the fridge, to see if there was something to eat, and took a can of soda from it. On the table was a newspaper, telling how the protests against the Female Population Regulation Law ended up in a litteral slaughter, with dozens of girls ended up either killed or sentenced. “Good riddance…”, Chris muttered…



    … As Chris was peacefully sipping his soda, he heard his niece coming down the stairs. As she passed by the couch Chris was sitting on, she noticed the headline of the newspaper article.
    – Hey “Dad” … – she blinked at him coquettishly – “Mind if I join you? I heard about the female manslaughter earlier in the news. Too bad some of the bitches were only sentenced to prison. I could seriously use some more public executions as masturbation material, but the pussy left-wing Supreme Court DA doesn’t have the balls to show these sluts, where they belong”
    – Yeah sweetie, I know – Chris mumbled. – Unfortunately, I’m representing one of them in court, pro-bono. As much as I hate it, I have to win this case. I’ve been working for the law firm for almost 12 years now, and this might be my only chance to gain public recognition and earn my chance to become a Managing Partner…



    The door bell rings. Cynthia makes a Beeline for the door “Are that will be our Dinner. I arranged for it to be delivered, along with some supplies. A meat tray and Large basket with other complimentry ingredients. I’ve been learning to cook at the Beauty Emporium, I want you to try some dishes, a couple each week so you can get an idea of what I will taste like.” What do you think of her Head, in paticular her hair. I spent some of my Emporium credits to have her hair coloured and styled the same as mine before she was slaughtered. Her’s is not as long as mine, but overall what do you think.” Cynthia Beamed as she bounced lightly on her toes in front of Chris while she held up the meat tray for his inspection. The Girl, whoever she was, wasn’t the spitting image of Cynthia, but her hair at first glance and in low light. Chris could only whisper, “I could almost imagine that was you!” Cynthia sighed with satisfaction at Chris’s confirmation. She turned handed the meat tray to the Delivery Girl who had brought it to the door, when she beckoned her forward and directed her to the kitchen. Before she released the meat tray into the hands of the Delivery Girl, Cynthia scrutinized the girls features, using her right hand to cup the girls chins and turn her head side to side. The Girl was trained not to make eye contact or talk, so when Cynthia released her chin and her grip on the tray, the girl waited and then moved effeciently to carry out Cynthia’s instruction and deliver the meat tray to the Kitchen, where a maid was waiting to recieve the ingredients and put them away. Fifteen minutes later, the maid had left. Cynthia’s plans for the rest of the evening were exquisite,



    thanks for picking up the story @alex_shepard , when I find some time I’ll write another paragraph 🙂



    I was going to write a back story for Cynthia, as a seperate thread. How Chris’ brother was part of a group that took turns snuffing their daughter on their 18th birthday. Cynthia group of friends had been deminishng over the last year. In each case Cynthia notted that each of her Girlfriends seemed distant, and distracted, nervous and always unavailable on their birthday, offering no reasons when pressed. They were never around after their birthday. A week before her Birthday she found out why, whe Cynthia was presented with the facts by her father in the form of a family movie night. Ctnthia was forced to watch a compilation of all her vanished Girlfriends, what happened to them on the day of their birthday, how they all were up at 4 AM according to the time stamp on the videos, how they were handled gently, tenderly, suthingly, the fate of some of their mothers, the girl fun, the grooming and pampering, and the beheading of the girlfriend usually 5 minutes before midnight. impaling on a spike and final makeover, far different then the tender ministrations she recieved at the hnds of the mothers who attended along with the girls mother who on occasion had her head mounted on a spike next to her daughter, and was recieving her final makeover along with her daughter. The mothers head was usually on a spike just below her daughters head, so that the other mothers and replacement wives could more easily apply their makeover contribution to their former friend. She cried, and her father held her tenderly in his arms as he had so many times before on movie nights, but seeing her own father in virtually all of the scenes. He accomidated her emotions, wiping away excess tears, helping her to blow her nose. By the end of the Compilation showing the fate of all of her older friends, her tears had dried, and she had schooled her expression into a mix of ore and wonder, so that whenever he paused the movie, and turned her face to look at him, she could offer him a shy, and bashful expression, while making noises and sighs of contentment mixed with a little wonder. He talked a little, and Cynthia listened, while hiding her true feeling behind shy girlishness. By the time she fell asleep that night, she had decided to run away. Her Uncle Chris was her best bet. He had punched her father knocking him flat a couple of years earlier. Her father had confirmed during the movie that her Uncle and father were estranged, when she asked “Would Uncle Chris be coming too?” Cynthia had spent the rest of her time in her fathers arms making girly noises, snuggling, smiling shyly, and brooding silently. I have to get as far away from this town as I can, and I can’t trust anyone, especially any of the mothers. They don’t want to miss seeing what happens to me, and what Orgasms they’ll experience as they witness and partake in my degradation.

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