Consensual Cannibalism

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    Hey everyone! 😉

    In this topic I want to hear from all you who fantasise about consensual cannibalism.
    No matter if full of blood and gore or completely without fluids.
    What is your biggest turn on? Have you got any non real experience? How old were you when you first liked these fantasies? Do you see yourself as victim or butcher?

    Looking forward hearing from you all!



    @myletusplay I started fantasizing around the age of ~16, when I discovered guro. I never wanted to be the hunter though, It’s just the idea of being a willing victim is abit more exciting 😀 Unfortunately, none of my female partners were interested in roleplaying this kind of stuff. I always wondered how does it feel like to be slowly roasted. Obviously, the hunter would need to drug me so I won’t pass out from the pain during the roasting.
    My fantasy was somehow unusual. I always pictured myself being captured and delivered to some sort of industrial meat processing site with professional ovens etc. Before the entrance to the zone, each victim’s body must be graded, and depending on your meat grade, you would be beheaded and dissected, or just roasted alive so adrenaline softens your meat 😀



    For some reason, in all my fantasies I am the “victim” of cannibalism. Impalement first.



    i have long fantasized about being a willing victim. i think it all started with a re-occurring nightmare i had when i was very young. i was very young when i had my first sexual fantasy, although for me it came in the form of a re-occurring nightmare. i was much too young to even realize it was a sexual experience until i became an adult. i suppose that, being unable to move my legs when laid in bed, upon occasion my testicles would be tightly pressed between my legs as i fell asleep. This would usually cause me to have the same dream.

    The dream would always start in an abandoned town. My grandparents and mother had grown up in a coal mining town, so i am sure stories and visits to the small coal mining area they grew up in had somehow been burned into my subconciousness. The stories often involved how young kids would be forced to work in the mines, and often they did not come back as the mines were extremely dangerous. In the dream, the coal mining town had long been abandoned with a massive red brick factory looming in the landscape with giant black smoke towers bellowing out puffs of pitch black silt. It would be a sunny day, but the fog created by the chimneys made the atmosphere a bit cool and grey, like something from a dystopian post apocolyptic city. Train tracks zig zagged through grey cobblestone streets in every direction, all leading to a single track that led into the side of the massive factory via a massive open door. The visions of this factory were so specific, so real, that many times i have scanned the internet to see if such a building really existed.

    As the cool smoke filled air gently wafted upon me, i soon became aware in the dream that i was completely naked in the center of the town. Although there was not a soul to be seen in this abandoned town, surely someone ran the factory that belched the smoke and might be able to see me. i could feel a hundred hungry eyes upon my naked body. As if in a trance, unable to control my own body, i became drawn to these coal carts, the sort that coal miners would use to transport coal out of the mines. Several coal carts in a train were lined up on the tracks before me. i stepped inside, inextricably drawn to sit inside, one foot at a time entered the closest coal cart and stepped into something that to my eyes first appeared black and slightly thick like oil. The sticky substance felt mildly warm and pleasurable as it came up just a few inches to my ankles. i sat down in it, unable to stop myself as though my legs were drained of all energy and i once again could no longer walk. It was as i sat in this muck, and my eyes slowly adjusted that i began to realize what i was seated in was not black but a deep crimson red. i still could not comprehend what this stuff was as the cart, as if by magic, slowly began to move on its steel wheels toward the factory with a clickity-clack, clickity clack.

    Perhaps i had just seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the memory of the scene with the coal carts were still fresh in my mind… though i thought this dream occurred before the movie. Whatever the case, i watched as the coal carts ahead of me slowly moved their way into the factory in a train with me following in the last cart along an elevated platform. As the first carts came to the highest peak of the steal bridge, they would tip, and their contents would spill down a long chute resembling a giant sliding board. As i watched, i started to realize that the contents of the carts were human remains and blood. It started to occur to me that the sticky crimson substance i was lying upon was in fact blood. i began to panick, but i could not move, and even if i could, the cart was too high up on the narrow bridge for me to safely exit the cart. i could begin to see the bodies before me that slid down the chute were heading for huge spinning blades with flames below them to be simultaneously chopped and burned before spilling below to some unknown destination.

    In the dream, my cart began to tilt, and i tried to hold on, but i was slippery from the blood, and began to fall. i started to slide down the chute, so frightened i was unable to scream. i managed to slow my decent grabbing the edge of the chute, but could not stop as i slowly slide closer and closer to the spinning blades and began to feel the heat of the fire below me. i looked to the side, and could look out a single distant window. As i looked out at the grey blue sky, i realized that this would be the last thing i saw. Just as the blades came close enough that i could feel the breath of their spin, part of me surrendered, and for that moment i felt an extacy i can only describe as an orgasm, though i was still too young to cum. i’d wake in that moment as the blade began to rip into my flesh in a cold sweat. That is my memory of my earliest sexual experience. It was a dream that at first i feared, than longed to have re-occur as i would fall asleep at night.

    From that fantasy, i moved on to the idea of feminization and castration. i remember reading about a transgender mtf in Japan who, after a complete surgical castration held a dinner banquet in which people for a price could buy tickets to be served a portion of his cock and balls roasted and served. i found this thrilling and it was around the time i discovered Dolcett and bdsm play. Sadly i have never found anyone willing to help me role-play my fantasy.

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