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    She sat looking at the computer monitor. There on the screen was an edited photo of her. Complete with her home address.
    It was on a porn website that her husband had used. He had advertised her as a web slut and a whore…available to all for use.
    That explained the letters that appeared in her mail box. She had gotten a few and read them, without. him knowing. Despite herself, she found her fingers going to her wet snatch as she read what the men had written. Through the letters she had found the website, and she sat in the dark room, dumbfounded. Shocked, angry, and more than a little aroused.
    She came upon a Dolcett site, and not knowing what that was she entered the images gallery, and found herself staring at photos of women being devoured..either by animals such as snakes, or by other men. She began reading the stories and once more found herself becoming aroused. She went to her dresser drawers and took out a pair of smoky gray stockings and out them on. Then she sat back down and as she fingered herself, she began to make comments on the photos and stories.
    She entered the chat room and a user popped up asking..
    “Are you looking for real?”

    She took a deep breath as she replied,

    “Im not sure. I’m new at this.”

    The man then began asking probing questions. About her fantasies, wishes, etc. She answered as honestly as she could. Her heart pounded as she typed. Her eyes went to the other open window, where the photos of her were. With her address.
    She asked him bluntly,

    “So, you would do me? If you knew where I was?”

    There was a brief pause before he replied

    “Look, there aren’t many women who will willingly give themselves over. So, yes. I would. And once I had you, there would be no going back.”

    Her pounded as she simply replied, “Ok”

    She didn’t know, but to him, that was a green light. She signed off, stroking her throbbing clit, thankful that she hadn’t given him any information. As she masturbated, and saw the other porn profile, she selected two images, complete with her address, and uploaded them. She sat in in stone silence as they appeared, and within minutes, the view counter began registering each time the images were viewed. First 5, then it changed to 18..then 43…in a panic she deleted the images and turned off the computer. But in her haste, she didn’t notice the box that read,
    “Are you sure you want to delete these images?”

    By shutting off the computer, she had aborted the deletion process.
    She slept fitfully, images of herself being raped and worse playing through her nightmares. She awoke at 3am and went to the computer and turned it on. But she didn’t know the site user name, URL or password. She convinced herself it was cleared anyway and went back to bed.
    But while she slept, a message popped up on the site in his profile. It stated,

    “I like what I see. I’ll be paying a visit unless I hear from you calling it off.”

    She was blissfully unaware of it, and finally fell back to sleep..

    Two weeks later, after her husband was out of town on a business trip, and she had almost forgotten about the website, the unimaginable happened:
    As she was getting into her car, her head almost exploded from the rush of the electric shock from a taser. She went tense, all her muscles contracting at once, and then limp. Her unseeing eyes stared at the sky as she was tossed into a car trunk. Her mind was totally dysfunctional. She felt hands, but could not move. Heard he blouse ripped away, but could not resist.She heard the car start…felt it move from inside the darkened trunk. And a short time later it stopped, the trunk was opened, and a rag placed over her face, the chloroform knocking her out completely.

    For two days, her darkest nightmares came true. She was raped continuously, and swallowed what seemed to be gallons of hot semen. Her legs were bound in the hose she had been wearing, and that was all the clothing she had left. A cattle prod was used over and over until finally she screamed

    “Oh God! Fuck me…fuck me damn you!”

    Her mind had snapped. She became insatiable in her appetite with this stranger. She let herself be tied to a bed and was used over and over.
    Then on the last day, he tied her to a chair in front of a computer and pulled up over 50 images of here…all with her address.

    “See what happens cunt? You advertise, the merchandise gets taken”

    She nodded as he went to the dolcett site again, and logged on.

    “How would you like me to put a picture on here bitch?” he asked

    In horror she shook her head. To her relief he logged out. Then turned to her,

    “You need be exposed don’t you”

    She nodded and whimpered through the ball gag.

    “Good girl. Im going to keep posting pics of you on the other site. You can pick who you fuck”.

    She nodded again.

    And with that, he lifted her, and carried her to the car once more, driving her to a secluded spot in the desert and dropped her off, very much the worse for wear

    Over the next 4 weeks, her mind went in circles. That Dolcett site was burned into her mind. Three times she had entered as a guest, but could not bring herself to create a profile.
    Then one night as she lay in bed, her husband sleeping beside her, she got up and went to the den, and went to the site once more. Her mind and heart raced as she logged in and created an account. She filled out the description and information, and loaded a vanilla photo. Within minutes she got hits and chat requests.

    Then she saw HIS name. The message was plain…

    “so..are you ready?”

    She replied..”I’m not sure”…

    The answer was swift…”give me the info I need sweetie..and let me fulfill your fantasies for you.”

    She signed out of chat and sat there. Stunned and her mind raced. She opened her robe, and fingered herself to orgasm. As her breathing began to slow down, she felt another orgasmic rush approaching. She opened the photo file, and stared at the pictures her husband had saved. She selected one, then saved it.
    Her fingers guided the mouse to the link to modify her profile. Her mouse clicked on
    “change profile photo” button…
    ………….and clicked it. ….
    She selected the photo, and stared at the upload button, unable to click it. She was terrified. It was as if she had lost control. The new message icon flashed and she opened it.

    “I know you’re there sweetie. Go ahead..load your info..I’ll take it from there.”

    She angrily shook her head as she closed the message, but her eyes were drawn to to the upload photo button. She placed the cursor over the button and pushed ever so slightly. In panic, she quickly moved the mouse before she finished the click. Her breath was rapid and shallow. Her heart pounded. Was she ready to be impaled? Butchered?
    Her hand guided the mouse once more to the button. The dopamine flooding her brain took over. The adrenaline rush was too much. She began to cum and in her throes of a strong orgasm, to her horror, she clicked the button. The photo uploaded within seconds. try as she may, it would not delete.
    Then the icon flashed

    “You’re mine meat”

    The photo she had uploaded was attached to the message.

    “Send me more address photos.”

    Not knowing why, she obeyed. Then he ordered her
    “delete this account now Meat”

    She did as instructed, and shut off the computer. Her mind raced with fear. Her mind told her there was no way he would go through with it. And she managed to make herself believe it.

    Over the next three months, she was unaware she was being stalked. Shadowed. Photographed. She began to buy into the lie….It was just an online game.

    Until the night he came for her. It was over swiftly. She never had a chance. The blow to her head was sudden and violent. She collapsed with out a sound as his attack came without warning.
    She came to, 28 hours later, inside a large wooden cabin, her ankles tied to opposite corners of a long metal table. A long, polished silver pole with a sharp point leaned against a wall. Her hands were oddly enough, free.
    She sat up, feeling her head and the huge knot from the blow he had administered. She discovered her ankles were cuffed. No escape.
    Still in her stockings, as he had said before. There were black lines across her torso and thighs..marks of delineation. Like in a butcher shop.
    In horror she saw a long row of blades and knives. All razor sharp. A small bottle sat on the end of the table she was tied to, along with a red cloth.

    Then the door opened and a man entered in a bloody butchers apron. Armed with a machete, and wearing elbow length rubber gloves he approached her.

    “So..sweetie..are you ready?”

    “For what?” she asked in fear

    “To get fucked..of course. I’m going to enjoy pleasuring you. Hearing you moan as I take you. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

    She slowly nodded as he began to stroke her thighs, and then kissed each of her feet. His cock was released and its immense size shocked her. The table twas suddenly tilted and he was between her spread legs, his cock against her asshole.

    “Hold on baby…this will hurt.”

    Before she could react, half of his huge ten inch cock was inside her ass, no longer virgin. He pounded her without mercy, her arms flailing in her semi upside down position. Then he stopped and looked down at her.

    “You love it don’t you” he growled

    “Yes..yes..Oh God yes.”

    He smiled wickedly, as he ordered…

    “Cuff your own wrists to the table. Then I’ll give you more.”

    She hurriedly cuffed her left wrist first…then the right. Now completely helpless.
    He then began slamming his cock harder, and he grabbed the small bottle with a free hand and poured a liquid onto the red cloth.
    As he held it above her face, which she could not move now, He simply said,

    “You’ll go under, and maybe you will awaken with the spit inside you. If not, then Oh well. You will awaken in pieces being roasted.”
    Before she could react, the cloth covered her face. The chloroform acted quickly, but in her panicked state, she suffered a fatal heart attack.
    It was over quickly.
    He withdrew his still hard cock and raped her now dead mouth, filling it with cum. He took photos of her in her state demise. He abused her limp, still warm body for three hours before he took a blade and gutted her corpse.
    The effal(bowels and intestines) was discarded, and he then impaled her with the spit, photographing each step.
    He posted a few pics on the site, then turned on his webcam for “certain” viewers. They witnessed her final disposition as he removed the hosiery, and dragged her to a fire pit.
    They applauded as he lifted her corpse over the embers. After 10 plus hours, she would be done. Ready to feed his special guests.
    He removed her head, hands, and feet…feeding the feet and hands to his 4 large Rottweilers. They devoured them entirely. He stared at her head, her eyes still open in death, and grabbing it by the hair, dumped it into a large pot of boiling water. He would boil the meat away, then crush the skull into powder and mix it with dry cement, and use that for his new patio.
    She would forever be a part of his property.
    Two nights later, her totally cooked form was carved and fed to his guests. And to think, it all came to be by the simple act of clicking a mouse cursor on an upload button.

    They all agreed…she was definitely Grade A meat, and began to search anew for their next gullible victim.



    Haha, good. So it’s a story about visiting snuffme? 😀

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