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    i can make just about any type of art You would like so long as it doesn’t include underage or illegal content. i mostly do digital art for mature content, but am skilled in a wide range of mediums. i particularly enjoy futunari and Dolcett like artwork. Am happy to do gay, bi-sexual, furry or any sexuality desire. Prices can vary depending on many factors like time availability, complexity, and re-sale-ability… but i have been known to do free or reduced artwork if the subject is interesting enough. i am also interested in modeling if local. You can see samples of my artwork at and Email me or contact me for price estimates.
    Drawing of me by me :) (Smile) If You have any suggestions for modifications to this drawing like clothing, toys or other, let me know! A sacrificial victim lays awaiting the blade upon an ancient alter.  Drawn and colored in Photoshop Elements.



    If You are an artist and would like to use a model to base You guro or Dolcett art upon, feel free to use my image or likeness for Your own guro art. More pictures of me at DFN or write me to request pics. i’d love to see what You come up with.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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