Stab1987: Genesis 8 Female Opened Belly Wound

Stab1987: Genesis 8 Female Opened Belly Wound

This is a morph for Genesis 8 Female figures in Daz3D studio, made by Stab1987. Contents are the morph itself and the belly splatter L.I.E. texture.

You can get the product here:

Opened belly wound with splatter for genesis 8 female.

1. Apply OpenWoundG8F to your character.
2. Select your character in “Surfaces” tab -> RMB -> Copy Selected Surface(s).
3. Select “whole_g86”.
4. Select “whole_g86” in “Surfaces” tab -> RMB -> Paste Selected Surface(s).
5. In tab “Surfaces” select whole_g86/Torso/Base/Base Color -> “Layered Image Editor”.
Add new layer by clicking “+” under the Layers’ list. Click “Resource” and select file “BellySplatter.png” in “\People\Genesis 8 Female\Anatomy\OpenWoundG8F\Materials” folder.
Press Accept.
6. Select “Geometry editor” in “Tool Settings” tab.
7. Hide “Arms”, “Torso” and “Legs”.
8. Use morphs in “Parameters” or “Shaping” tab to open or close wound

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