Snuff and Gynophagia definitions

What is Gynophagia and Snuff Fantasy?


Gynophagia as a sexual deviation


By definition, gynophagia is a sexual deviation based on the desire to cook and eat human females (or to be cooked and eaten). It is commonly referred to the general concept of cannibalism, although in a strictly sexual manner. It is broadly considered as a sub-branch of Vorarephilia (or Vore, in short). Although some references to such deviations are commonly found in horror movies and comics, the real beginnings of gynophagia as a standalone fetish are considered to be in the early 80’s comics drawn by an artist called Dolcett.


Where can I download gynophagia images?


You can browse and download gynophagia and snuff fantasy images here, on . Please head to the content section and click one of the following tags:
Dolcett – classic Dolcett Comics
Hanging – galleries of naked women noose hanged on the gallows
Gynophagia – pictures of naked women cooked in oven and spit roasted
Beheading – galleries of naked women axe beheading
Xeno – pictures of nude girls having sex with aliens
Vore – galleries of naked women being eaten by snakes and critters
Gore – pictures of snuff scenes such nude woman dismemberment, gutting and sawing
Snuffme Originals – our own series of images, topics may vary.


Definition of snuff films


A snuff film is a motion picture with it’s main focus resolving around depicting scenes of murder and homicide. The term Snuff fantasy is very often referred to Gynophagia and Dolcett in general, as a genre of both gore (movie genre) and a form of sexual deviation. But what does snuff actually mean?
Quoting from wikipedia:

The noun snuff originally meant the part of a candle wick that has already burned; the verb snuff meant to cut this off, and by extension to extinguish or kill. The word has been used in this sense in English slang for hundreds of years. It was defined in 1874 as a “term very common among the lower orders of London, meaning to die from disease or accident”.


Where can i download snuff films and videos?


There are plenty of snuff horror movies available to watch online, some of them are even uploaded to youtube. Some of the titles include:
The Guinea Pig
Cannibal Holocaust
August Underground trilogy
Emanuelle in America
Serbian Movie
Real snuff videos are an urban legend. Besides some real execution videos floating around the internet (such as: Saddam Hussein execution, Mexican Drug Cartel executions, and general 3rd world execution videos), there is no hard evidence for the existence of real snuff films that would be produced in a sexual manner, where the victim would be intentionally killed and taken advantage of.


Who Is Dolcett, the Snuff comic artist?


Dolcett is a stage name for a Canadian erotic cartoonist. He begun drawing his works in the 80’s, but gained broader recognition in the porn industry around the early 90’s. His main area of activity were Usenet groups and networks of private individuals in the USA.
His works revolve around the general concept of snuff fantasy, which include erotic asphyxiation (noose and gallows), gynophagia (naked women spit-roasted on a rotisserie or cooked in an oven), dismemberment (beheading by axe), and debreasting. The murder scenes often include consensual acts – women are fried, skewered, shot or hanged at their own request. Most characters are based on real people who wanted to be portrayed by Dolcett as an expression of their extreme sexual fantasies.


Where can I browse or download original snuff Dolcett Comics?


You can browse Dolcett Porn Comics by clicking the Dolcett tag in our content section. There, you will find a full selection of original Dolcett Comics:
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