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Medical Advances 3
Tiffany and Becca
By Clutcher

I lead Tiffany and Becca back to my room. Tiffany never stops talking but doesn’t really say anything. Seems to like the idea of S and M, but I get the impression she hasn’t had much experience, if any. Becca is quiet.
I open the door and gesture the girls inside. Tiffany says, “Oh, it’s kind-of like ours, but bigger. And we don’t have so many tools!” As she slows and gazes at the tray of torture and surgical devices. She turns away and strips off her little skirt, kicking off her flip-flops at the same time. Then she goes over to the wall. She has a very nice round bottom, short but shapely legs with thick thighs. In a few years she’ll have a real bubble butt, I think, but for now the baby fat suits her well.
“Will you tie me to this rack?” She asks, turning to face me again.
“If you like” I reply. “You’d look very good trussed up there, with your wrists and ankles bound in rope. What do you think, Becca?” I ask. Not hearing a reply, I find Becca looking over the surgical tools, picking up some and turning them over in her hands.
“Oooh, I like rope.” says Tiffany, speaking slower now.
“Becca,” I say, “will you please bring me some of that white clothesline rope?”
Becca drops a scalpel into the tray and quietly says, “Uh, okay. This rope?” She grabs a coil of clothesline and walks toward me and Tiffany.
“Thanks.” I say. “How about getting another coil of rope and helping me tie up Tiffany?”
“Yeah – sure, I’ll tie her up.” says Becca slowly. As she goes for another piece of rope, I push Tiffany back against the wall. With my hand on her chest, I use my feet, one at a time, to spread her legs apart. She’s breathing a little heavily already. “My boyfriend used to tie me to the bed, and I really liked it.” says Tiffany. “But I’ve never been tied to a wall before.”
“Hey, Becca” I call, “grab me a big piece of that surgical gauze as well.”
Tiffany goes on, “The first time he tied me too tight and like my hands went all pins and needles…” Becca returns and I take the gauze from her first. “…so I made him loosen them before -mmmff” I shove the cloth into her mouth. “Shut the fuck up!”
Becca giggles.
“You tie her ankles to the nearest eyebolts. Wrap the rope around her legs at least 4 or four times before you tie them off.” I tell Becca. “Give me your wrists, cunt.” I order Tiffany.
Obediently, she puts her wrists together, arms outstretched in front of her. Quickly, I bind them together, then tie the rope to the overhead bar, so Tiffany’s arms are stretched up above her. While Becca finishes tying Tiffany’s ankles I strip off my clothes. My dick is about half erect. I step back and look Tiffany over. Pleasingly plump, her round breasts have large, pale pink areolas and small nipples. There is a slight bulge to her tummy, with its deep navel. She is shaved, and her inner labia are hidden within the slit of her cunt. She is not resisting Becca, standing perfectly still while her ankles are bound.
As Becca finishes, I tell her to strip too. She immediately bends over, loosens the laces of her deck shoes and kicks them off. Crossing her arms, she pulls her top off over her head and tosses it away. She has pert little tits with hard, dark pink nipples. Then she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, pushes them down and kicks them across the room. She stands, looking me over from foot to head, and remains gazing, expressionless, into my eyes. Becca is not shaved. She has fine hair on her forearms, and light brown hair under her arms and on her snatch. She’s slender but not skinny, her skin slightly darker than Tiffany’s pale whiteness. “Get another rope” I say.
Becca pads quickly to the wall of restraints and brings another coil of rope. I quickly make a loop on each end and hand one to Becca. “Let’s bind up those fat boobs as tight as we can. You take that one and I’ll do this one and we’ll meet in the middle.” Slipping the loop of rope over Tiffany’s left breast, I push it up against her chest while pulling it tight. Then I begin to wrap the remaining rope tightly around her tit, three, four, five times. Her tits are pretty firm, so there’s not much to squeeze, but the ent of her breast is now bulging nicely from the coils, and turning pink. Tiffany’s making little squealing noises, muffled by the gag in her mouth, and twisting her torso slightly as we work. I look over at her right tit. Becca has somehow bound it much more tightly that I did, about six times around. Tiffany’s boob is standing almost straight out from her chest about 7 inches, the bulging nipple already turning purplish. I take the rope from Becca and tie it to mine, with the extra length left to drop to the floor.
“Nice!” I say. “If this is how you treat your friends … well I guess I’d like to be your friend! What shall we do next?”
“Whip her.” says Becca flatly.
“Um – Okay! Choose your weapon!”
We both go to the rack of chains, ropes, and other devices. I choose a heavy flogger to start. Becca goes straight for a short, thick bullwhip. “Me first” I say, flicking the flogger at Becca’s cute butt.
Going back to Tiffany, she is squirming around, with a worried look in her eyes. As if she didn’t expect to be handled roughly at a place like this! More money than brains, I guess. I start right in on her tightly bound tits. I whack her purpling nipples hard, then harder. Three, four, five, six times… Tiffany is squealing and wriggling most evocatively. Her tits are turning deep red now, as I get to nine, ten lashes. “Your turn” I say to Becca, stepping back.
Becca advances to the left of Tiffany. She coils the whip, releases it, draws back her arm and with all her strength, lays the thick black whip right across Tiffany’s belly. Tiffany screams through the gag, a red welt already appearing on her tummy. Becca draws back and commences a merciless beating of Tiffany’s belly, thighs, tits and chest. Crack! Crack! Whack – whack – whack! Faster and faster. Tiffany is screaming constantly, writhing as she hangs from her arms, legs no longer able to support her. The angry red welts across her body are beginning to bleed now.
“Whoa, now” I say, stepping up and grabbing Becca’s arm on the backswing. “Leave a little skin for me.”
Becca stops and faces me, panting. She turns the whip handle toward me, saying “Take it. Whip me now. Whip me.”
“Okay….” I say, slowly grasping the whip handle. I take a step back, and Becca raises her arms above her head and turns her back to me, standing stiffly with her feet together, arms upraised. Tiffany is just sobbing quietly, but watching. My dick is standing stiffly too. I look at Becca’s slender arms and back, her tight little ass and slender legs. I measure the distance by eye, drawing back the whip, I lay it and across her lower back.
Becca responds with a sharp intake of breath, but no other sound. I begin a methodical beating, slowly at first and then faster and faster. I lash Becca from her shoulders to her knees, paying particular attention to her ass, which now sports a half dozen red welts, some bleeding slightly. Still silent, Becca slowly turns toward me as I continue to lash her now leaving welts across her belly and breasts, hips and thighs. She has still not made a sound, except to gasp when I land a particularly hard blow, and her arms are still upstretched, making no effort to protect herself.
I pause and say “Turn around again.” While she does so, swaying slightly to maintain her balance, I fetch a longer, more slender whip. I practice cracking it to get the right distance. When a whip cracks, it is the sound of the tip actually breaking the sound barrier. At that point, it will do far more damage than simply laying the leather flat on the skin, no matter how hard.
Stepping toward her, I take aim at Becca’s back. I crack the whip diagonally, and to my satisfaction the tip rips a strip of skin right off her back. Now Becca screams, not shrilly, but hoarsely – animal-like. Blood flows from the diagonal tear across her shoulder blade, but she doesn’t lower her arms. I take another swing, this time aimed at her butt. Another perfectly judged crack, and a chunk of flesh is torn from her right butt cheek. Some of the blood even spatters me! Becca screams again and staggers a bit, dropping her arms. She turns toward me, then straightens up and spreads hear arms and legs wide, throwing back her head. I take aim at her belly and land another lashing blow just below her navel, drawing more blood. She grunts, then stands silently. I lash her once more, aiming at her left nipple, which I just miss as the whip tears another gash across her little titty. Screaming hoarsely again, Becca drops her arms to her sides, steps toward me, drops to her knees and takes my dick into her mouth. Grabbing my butt, she shoves her face right up against my groin, deep throating me and proceeding to chew lightly at the base of my cock. I push harder into her face, but she backs off, and proceeds to bite me just behind the head of my dick. I drop the whip and let her do what she will. She alternately bites and sucks for a while, until I grab her head and pull her up to her feet. She’s leering at me with a big grin.
“We forgot about poor Tiffany.” I say, glancing toward the woman hanging on the wall. Becca looks her way too.
Tiffany’s eyes get wide and she shakes her head “no.” We take a few steps across the blood-slippery floor. I begin flicking the tip of Tiffany’s dark purple nipple with my finger. “Do you think she’s had enough?” I ask.
Becca growls “Cut her.”
“Mmmmff! Mmmmfff!” Says Tiffany shaking her head.
“Well, OK” I say as I go to the tray of sharp implements. “But I wonder what she was thinking when she came here if she doesn’t like pain.”
I select the classic X-Acto knife, with the small, slender, pointed blade, and walk slowly back. Both girls are looking at the blade in my hand. It’s only a very short blade, maybe 3/4 of an inch long, but extremely sharp. I hold it up in front of Tiffany’s face, twirling it between my fingers. Becca comes up beside me and brushes her hand up under my arm holding the knife, resting her hand on my wrist. Tiffany’s eyes are wide, fixed on the knife and she’s breathing heavily but she has stopped shaking her head.
“See, Tiff” I say, “this place is about pain – giving and receiving more sensually extreme pain than can be experienced anywhere else and survive. You don’t know what such pain is yet, but once you experience it, you won’t forget, and will find you want to do it again, and again. It’s addictive. And inflicting such pain is to take control of another’s body. Doing what you will, so they either enjoy or endure whatever comes. Personally, I like to see blood. Violating the skin that protects and contains the vital fluid and what is beneath, to see it run out, feel its warmth, taste it. Let’s see what yours is like.”
I lower the blade to Tiffany’s left thigh. Pressing the point in just below her hip on the inside, I draw the sharp implement slowly down, pressing hard. The point just scratches at first, then suddenly goes deeper, and her smooth white skin parts and spreads with a deep red line behind my blade. Blood pours out and runs down her leg, dripping onto the floor. Kneeling, I switch to her right thigh, and repeat the procedure, with Becca’s hand on mine, following every move. Tiffany hasn’t moved and is actually silent (for a change). Then Becca lets go and starts licking the blood from Tiffany’s right thigh. I reach between Tiffany’s legs and slide my middle finger into the slit of her cunt. She’s wet! Beginning to massage her twat, I discover a rock hard little clit. She’s getting off on this! Well that didn’t take long.
I reach down and slide my hand under Becca’s arm, reaching across to cup her tit in my hand I draw her up to stand next to me as I pinch her hard nipple. Becca turns toward me, grinning with bloody lips. I drag the knife blade lightly down from her shoulder to her left nipple. Her body stiffens and she leans forward slightly, but I stop just short of her thick nip. “Not yet” I whisper. “Let’s see what Tiff’s nipples are made of.”
We turn toward Tiffany, who is breathing slowly now. I place the point of the knife on her left tit, just where the dark red flesh bulges out beneath the rope. I press down hard against the tight skin, and as soon as I begin to draw the blade downward, it sinks into her breast. I now slice onto her areola, and slowly through it toward the small erect nipple at it’s center. The blade momentarily bends the nipple down before slicing into it, and I continue to cut through the center of Tiffany’s nipple, and across the rest of her bruised areola. A deep red line of blood follows the knife as the stretched skin spreads apart, and the blood now runs ahead of the blade, onto the knife and my hand, and dripping onto the floor. In a few places, yellowish bits of fat appear in the streak of red. Tiffany is now making grunting sounds into her gag.
“Now you hold the knife,” I say to Becca, “and I will guide your first cut.” She takes the bloody knife, I place my hand atop hers and guide the point to Tiffany’s right nipple. This is the tit that Becca bound so tightly, and the bruised flesh is a dark purple. We put the point directly on the center of Tiffany’s nipple and I press in, slowly, then harder and the sharp blade plunges straight in. Blood surges and I pull out the knife, releasing a torrent of blood, compressed by the tight binding.
“Drink up!” I say to Becca, who needs no urging and has already clamped her lips over Tiffany’s nipple and is sucking greedily.
Tiffany’s head is rolling slightly between her upstretched arms, and her grunts have changes to moans. I decide to try removing her gag.
“Oh my God!” Tiffany whispers hoarsely. “Oh that hurt so bad – but so good now…” she says breathlessly. “Ow, oww – oh yes – I see what you mean, and Becca – you bad girl – why didn’t… OWW!” Yelped Tiffany as Becca apparently bit down hard on her nipple.
I pull Becca back. Tiffany continues, “So – omigod! I hurt so much – my poor boobies are throbbing – but I’m so wet and horny, please fuck me now I wanna come so bad I wanna come fuck me hard oh pleezeohpleezeohpleeze…” so I stuff the gag back in her mouth.
“Leave her be.” says Becca. She takes my hand and walks me to the table, hopping her butt up onto it. “Cut me now” she says as she lays back, stretching her arms above hear head.