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F. Wulf

Medical Advances 2
Meet and Greet
By Clutcher

I decide to put on my shorts and sandals to go to the Meet and Greet. Entering the hall, I see about 25 or 30 people here, and amazingly there are more women than men! There is every type of woman, young and middle-aged, black, white, asian. Slender and full-figured. No one is morbidly obese though. Most of the older women are wearing clothes of some kind, mostly loose-fitting dresses. A couple are obviously Dominants, wearing leather, stockings and heels.
The younger ones are about evenly divided between obviously slutty – either completely nude except for heavy makeup, tattoos and spike-heeled shoes – or shy and meek, dressed in either bikinis or shorts and a t-top. They would be the Submissives, I think to myself. There are some I can’t label at first glance.
As for the men, most are middle-aged and older, like myself. There are a couple of young studs, and more than one who are obviously gay. One is even wearing women’s bra, panties, nylon thigh-highs and high heels!
I spot a darkly-tanned brunette, about 30-something, in a flowing red dress sipping champagne. Not obviously any particular type, which attracts me. An element of mystery but not inexperienced. As a friend one said, “I would climb over a pile of naked 18 year-olds to get to a 40 year old woman with experience.” I grab a glass of champagne and approach her.
“I see we share a taste for the finer things” gesturing with my glass. “I’m Jack.”
“Hello Jack, I’m Sheila” she answered smoothly. “And you are correct, I like fine wine, fine food, and slow sex, but not necessarily in that order.” Her dark eyes scan me from head to foot and back, while I do the same to her. She is as tall as I am, but wearing heels, and the nipples of her ample breasts are poking the thin red fabric of her dress enticingly.
“Well, one thing will lead to another when like-minded people get together” says I. Jeez I hope that didn’t sound corny or smarmy – I’m not good at small talk. “Have you had an orientation yet?”
“This is my second visit, so I don’t need another orientation” she says, “I take it you have?”
“Yes, it was pretty intense!” I answer. “And I am looking forward to a longer – and slower – next encounter” I say, looking straight into her eyes.
“Have you been sampled yet?” She asks. This refers to the extraction of tissue samples from various parts of the body, to obtain unique cells, stem cells and DNA for regeneration and gene manipulation.
“Yes – and I still have some sore spots here and there. It’s actually somewhat stimulating, since that’s what I’m here for.”
“I hope that’s not all you’re here for” she says backing up a step. You aren’t one of those simpering ‘punish me, eat my unworthy body and turn me into shit’ twerps, are you?”
“No Ma’am! I like to give as good as I get – usually better. I have always been a Switch, although I usually Top.”
“Well then” says Sheila, “I think we’ll be seeing more of each other! But please excuse me, I just spotted one of my friends from last time and I must say hello.”
“Certainly” I reply, “it’s been a pleasure meeting you.”
I watch her saunter across the room, her hips making the long skirt of her dress sway sexily. I feel a tap on the shoulder and turn around.
“Hi – I’m Tiffany, and this is my friend ‘Becca!” gushes a perky, slightly pudgy blonde, topless with a short white cheerleader skirt. Standing alongside her is a slender girl with straight brown hair. Becca is wearing khaki shorts and a green halter top, with deck shoes. She looks at me with grey-green eyes, smiling nervously. Tiffany, on the other hand, is gesturing, which causes her round tits to wobble while she talks.
“So I’m helping Becca get acquainted,’cause she’s kind-of shy and all, and so we’re looking for a guy to have a threesome with so I can keep her company – and well, Becca is you-know nervous about those young dudes and well, you’re not too young and we saw you talking with that lady and she thought maybe you-know, you’d be like nice and stuff – and so would you like to fuck us now? I’m so horny I can’t stand still” she says finally taking a breath. “And Becca’s kinda hot too, even though she may not look like it, but she likes to fuck, don’t you Becca” says Tiffany, her tits bouncing as she shifts from one foot to the other. Becca looks away, then back at me, nodding her head slightly and blushing.
Well, there’s a time for experience and there’s a time when you’d be a damn fool to turn down a pair of bouncing boobies right in front of you, with two more into the bargain. “Sure, girls!” I say. “Your room or mine?”