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… As Chris was peacefully sipping his soda, he heard his niece coming down the stairs. As she passed by the couch Chris was sitting on, she noticed the headline of the newspaper article.
– Hey “Dad” … – she blinked at him coquettishly – “Mind if I join you? I heard about the female manslaughter earlier in the news. Too bad some of the bitches were only sentenced to prison. I could seriously use some more public executions as masturbation material, but the pussy left-wing Supreme Court DA doesn’t have the balls to show these sluts, where they belong”
– Yeah sweetie, I know – Chris mumbled. – Unfortunately, I’m representing one of them in court, pro-bono. As much as I hate it, I have to win this case. I’ve been working for the law firm for almost 12 years now, and this might be my only chance to gain public recognition and earn my chance to become a Managing Partner…