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New Donations are no longer accepted

Hello everyone! Due to a number of reasons, we made a little transformation here on snuffme. We decided we will no longer develop the website as-is. The old content will remain intact  and will still be updated from time to time with artist submissions, so you can still browse everything like normal and use the forum. Of course, the forum will still be active and moderated. If you are currently a sponsor/donor, your account was set to non-expiring. If you were a sponsor in the past, please contact us (, and your account will be activated again. From now on, new donations are no longer accepted. Instead, please browse through our catalog of artworks (which is now on the main page), comics and 3d assets – you can support your favorite artists directly by backing them up on patreon, buying their stuff on gumroad or simply by visiting their deviantart or pixiv profiles.

If you are a content creator and wish to advertise for free, please contact us at