FAQ / Help


1. I didn't get my activation email

Check your spam folder and your anti-spam filters. If you still didn’t recieve the activation email, use the contact form in the left navigation panel ( ‘About’ -> ‘Contact’ ), or mail us directly: support@snuffme.com

2. Is all of this content real? Is this legal?

No, most of the content is not real. Even if it is real, it’s usually just reposted content from another publicly available source. Be sure to check if you local laws allow you to view and posess dolcett/gore porn, but most countries allow to do so.

3. Why I can't access most of the galleries?

You have to be a sponsor (premium member) to view most of the content. This is because the Dolcett niche is very unpopular, thus it’s very hard to get any kind of donations to fluently run this website. We decided to give full access only to people who donate.

4. Why are the forums empty?

You have to be a sponsor (premium member) to participate in our community forums.

5. Can I post my own images somewhere on this website?

Yes, once you become a sponsor (premium member) you will have the ability to upload your own images on our forums.

6. Why my art is posted here without my consent?

It is literally impossible to credit every single dolcett-related artist on the planet. If your images are posted here and you’re not credited, please claim your works by mailing me: support@snuffme.com . If you prove the ownership ow your works, you will be given a free, lifetime sponsor account.

7. How to get an Heavy-R.com invite link?

Follow this link.