One-Off Comics #2: Joanne's Family Gathering

Hello friends! This time, a One-Off comic about yet another portion of Joanne's meatgirl fantasies. As she sits at the table with her mom and two cousins during a very boring family diner, her mind wanders off to her fantasy world, where all the girls could have fun hanging, roasting and impaling themselves! Joanne hangs her mom and one of her cousins, and in the end of the first scene, she hangs herself. In the seconds scene, Joanne's mom invites all the girls into the kitchen... do I really have to explain what's gonna happen in there? 🙂 To sum up the scenes and themes we have here: There's plenty of noose hangings, a scene where 18yo Tegan is impaled on a automated Shish Kebab roaster, and another scene with Joanne cooking herself on a floor roaster. As a cherry on top, Joanne and Kaylee (already dead) are beheaded on a guillotine. Ohh, and also, there is some gore with Tegan - she's dismembered and eaten by Jo and her mom 🙂

Pages: 61
Resolution: 2560x3620 px
Bonus Pics : 80 in 4K
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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