One-Off Comics #3: Joanne's Family Gathering Part 2

The continuation of the "Joanne's Family Gathering" comic is ready! In this episode, all the girls from the previous chapter are subjects of another portion of Joanne's fucked up Dolcett fantasies :) Inside of her sick mind, Joanne transforms everyday family situations into gruesome scenes of cannibalism, decapitations and hangings. So... let's join Joanne, her mom Emma (yes, she has a name now :)), Kaylee and Tegan on this ultimate Dolcett adventure :) In the first scene, Joanne's mom finishes what she started in the last scene of the previous comic. She decapitates herself using a guillotine while fucking herself with a dildo machine. In the second scene, all four girls go on a camping trip to the heart of a pine forest... They quickly get hungry, so they make use of the fireplace... In the end of the second scene, Tegan debreasts her cooked sister, and Joanne imagines a new type of torture - the victim (Tegan) is hung over the campfire... on a noose. In the third scene, all the girls go to the local amusement park to test out the new coffin roaster in the fright house... And, in the last scene, Tegan and Joanne visit the local train museum, and discover some surprising features about one of the exhibits...

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
Pages: 60
Resolution: 2560x3620 px
Bonus * : 86 in 4K
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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