Custom Shop Digital Artbooks: Roast - EMMA

Custom Shop is a series of artbooks, created in order to fill the coverage gaps of specific girls with specific scenes/device type combinations. Every artbook from the same category ("Roasting", "Hang", etc.) is identical - meaning the devices, enviroment, camera shots, speech bubbles, and so on, are the same. The only difference is the girl of your choice! I'll render all 10 girls for the "Roasting" series first, and after that, I'll start designing the other two themed sets (Hang, and Guro). In this set, you are the customer of the "Custom Shop". The idea is, you select your girl (in this case, Emma), and you can watch her have fun in various different ways over the course of the evening... The girl is respawned after every session using Dolcett Enterprises™ Human Respawner™. She will talk to you throughout the entire evening so you stay entertained from start to finish! Some pics from this album have narration, and/or a speech bubble, but there isn't any kind of deep story involved. This set is oriented towards the visuals. The whole album consists of 176 full screen 4K images, divided into 14 scenes, which are as follows: JK3000 , Classic oven, Barrel roaster w/chains, Industrial roaster, Shish Kebab roaster, The Rack double-roaster, Floor roaster, Hot seat, Coffin roaster, Crematory incinerator, Old coal boiler, Hot Box, Small grill, and... a Toaster :) A little something for everyone, and an instant collection for every dolcett art connoisseur :)

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
Pages: 176
Resolution: 3840x2160 px (4K)
Bonus * : all unedited
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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