Character Study: Sone Suzume

This time It's a set from a series that are *finally* supposed to replace the Combo Sets. "Character Study" is a series of 4K pic sets focusing on one Dolcett Academy character at a time. Most of the camera shots are in close-up, exposing the character's body details. The pics/slides may contain some captions and/or speech bubbles, but there's no real story - the full focus is on the character itself. In this set, we will take a look at Sone Suzume - the daughter of Mrs. Taketa from my "Fantasies of Joanne" comic. As usual, I tried some new stuff and it was super fun! The scene order is as follows: First, Sone is getting hanged on a forklift in an old warehouse. In the second scene, she's roasted and impaled on a makeshift grill by her boyfirend in a desert badlands outpost. In the third scene, she masturbates with explosives and blows herself up! And the fourth and final scene - she's deep-fried alive in boiling hot oil in a human-sized fryer! I hope you're gonna like this piece - the deep fryer scene is my favourite!

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
Pages: 80
Resolution: 3840 × 2160
Bonus * : all unedited images
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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