Character Study: Alessia's Autoerotic Peril

Hi everybody! I'm back with another Character Study set! This time we will join the kinky cheerleader Alessia and her seriously fucked up fantasies! Character Study sets are not *directly* related to the main Dolcett Academy storyline - they are sets meant to showcase individual characters from the universe :) In this set, Alessia has four wicked fantasies. In the first one, she goes to a snuff club and gets roasted inside a human-sized oven, shits herself upon dying and gets fucked with a strapon. In the second one, she impales herself on a steel pipe, rips her guts out and suffocates herself with them. In the third fantasy, she visits a abandoned slaughterhouse and activates old and rusty gutting machines. She's disemboweled, beheaded and roasted. In her last fantasy, Alessia makes a makeshift noose at her workplace and hangs herself to death, pissing everything around her upon dying :) This set consists of 73 pages, most of them are full-page renders in A4 format with occasional speech and/or narration strips.

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
Pages: 73
Resolution: 2560x3620 px
Bonus * : n / a
PDF / PNG: yes /yes
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