4K Remastered Series #1 Set

The all-new Remastered series! Thanks to your continuous support I was able to get my hands on a new graphics card which is going to allow me to make more high resolution renders! Throughout my 3dcg journey, I always regretted I can't provide super high-res bonus pics that always come with my comics because of hardware limitations of my PC gear. Well, not anymore! So, I took the opportunity to revisit my previous comics and re-did a lot of the scenes, re-arranging the lighting, camera shots, tweaking the shaders and rendering it all in the Ultra HD 4K format. This first art pack features 65 4K scenes based on my 10th comic "ClubX". Some scenes were only tweaked, others were completely changed. I also spiced the set up with some occasional speech bubbles and/or captions, but they're non-essential to the set, and this set should not be treated as a comic - consecutive slides are not connected by any kind of story. I hope you will enjoy watching the Dolcett Academy stars being hanged, roasted and mutilated in this beautiful 4K set. More remastered sets will appear in the following months, so stay tuned! This type of sets, along with comic "One-offs" are going to replace the Monthly Combo Sets :) Apart from hardware limitations, some scenes or camera shots simply didn't make the final cut in the comic, and it will be a perfect opportunity to revisit them and make them look even better in 4K :)

* bonus images may include scenes without comic strips, and/or alternative scenes rendered in defferent resolutions
Pages: 65
Resolution: 4K (3840x2160 px)
Bonus * : n/a
PDF / PNG: yes / yes
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