Young Jessica’s Pain

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Young Jessica’s Pain – A Vex Darkness Story

It was a rainy winter day, about 45 degrees outside, but
nice and cozy warm inside my huge mansion on the bank of the
Potomac river. I was horny, hadn’t masturbated for weeks and
wanted flesh. Nice young pretty flesh. There was girl I met on
the internet named Jessica. A sweet sixteen year old babe with
the prettiest baby face and big brown puppy dog eyes. We had
exchanged pictures and chatted many times. But I wanted more. I
wanted her in the flesh so that I could torture her and rape her.
I knew she wanted it too. She lived in Missouri. It was easy
to get her address after contacting her internet provider posing
as an F.B.I. agent.

Anyway, I set the plan in motion. I booked a ticket at
Dulles Airport for Tulsa Oklahoma. I took the flight the next
day and arrived in about 3 and a half hours. Then from Hertz I
rented a car, a 1996 Impala, one of my favorites. I paid with
cash, not wanting my actions traced and proceeded carefully.
It was about a 3 hour drive to her house and I waited until
night time. My heart started beating faster with each passing
second as I imagined what I was gonna do when I get my hands on
sexy young Jessica. Sixteen years old and a real cutie. Her
pain will be extreme. I cruised down the interstate and popped
in my Marilyn Mason CD, Antichrist Superstar. I played it loud
on the powerful 75 watt stereo that came standard with the car

Now into the third hour of my trek I was getting really
excited. I pulled into her home town and stopped at a local food
mart and picked up a candy bar. I needed a sugar rush. I jumped
back in the car and lit up a joint I had rolled earlier. It was
some good weed, I paid 100 bucks for a quarter ounce. I took a
heavy hit and held it in for ten seconds, then exhaled. I could
feel the buzz already. I had driven high before so that was no
problem. I started up the vehicle and headed toward her house.
It wasn’t far now. I knew she was the only one home. During our
last chat she said her parents were gone for the weekend.
I arrived shortly and parked around the block. Before I got
out I checked my bag. Good, I had lots of rope and gags as well
as other homemade toys. I took the bag and got out, making sure
to grab my Defender hunting knife which I had sharpened so it was
like a razor. My dick was rock hard. I walked up to her front
door and knocked hard three times after taking another massive
hit from my joint. I was really high now and nearly tripping on
the ultra powerful grass.
No one answered the door so I kicked it down and walked in.
I heard loud music playing from upstairs and headed in that
direction. I approached the door where the music was coming from
and it was slightly ajar. I peeked in and saw Jessica sitting on
her bed wearing a stripped red shirt and jeans. She was just as
hot, if not more, than her pictures. I kicked open the door and
before she had time to react I grabbed her and punched her in the
stomach knocking the wind completely out of her. She gasped for
breath and I grabbed her hair and yanked her off the bed.
“You’re mine bitch!” I screamed at her. I could see the
fear in her eyes, but also sensed her excitement at the
situation. She tried to get up, still dazed so I grabbed her
wrists and swiftly tied them together in front of her with nylon
cord I took out of my bag.
“What are you doing?” she pleaded. I just laughed and
grabbed a roll of duck tape and put a big piece across her mouth.
“I’m doing whatever I want, bitch. You are my bitch now.”
I again punched her in the stomach then ripped off her shirt to
expose two well sized tits covered only by a tiny little bra. I
sliced it away with my knife and she moaned and stood topless
before me.
I at once began chewing and sucking on her left nipple while
viciously pinching her right one. They started to get erect and
I knew she was getting turned on. I reached down and grabbed her
between the legs and squeezed. She was wet! I searched my bag
and pulled out two alligator clips. I attached them to her
nipples and the metal teeth dug into the flesh causing incredible
pain. She groaned into the tape and her eyes were wide with
agony. I pressed on the clips making them dig even deeper until
blood trickled out. I drank it and licked circles around her
tortured nipples.
Next I took off her jeans but left her panties on. I
ordered her to walk with me outside and to the woods behind her
house. They were big and a few ponds added to the splendor.
Once out of earshot range from the house I violently ripped off
her panties and put them in my bag as a trophy for later. With
her mouth still taped she could only whimper.
I was so fucking high. Everything was in slow motion. I
was high not only from the drugs, but from the excitement of the
kidnapping and the excitement of what I was about to do. I
untied her hands and made her stand against a small tree. It was
just thick enough to get her arms around the back so I did just
that and then retied them so tightly the rope dug into her warm,
soft flesh. Now completely naked and helpless before me I could
begin. I took out a long metal tipping whip and held it before
her eyes. Her pussy was practically dripping. I lifted up my
arm, and took a swing right at her breasts. It made contact on
her tender skin and she shook her head in searing pain. The
alligator clips were still attached and only added to her
torment. I took another swing, this time landing on her other
breast. But I wanted to hear her screams so I walked up and
removed the tape then stood back and took another swing with the
whip. It landed on her stomach and she yelped in pain. I took a
dozen more swings, hitting all parts of her delicate but so sexy
body leaving deep red marks and in some places blood. I stopped
and let her revel in the pain while I loaded up my bong with some
weed. I took a huge hit and the shit got me higher than ever. I
took a few more hits until it was cashed then got back to work.
I looked through my bag and took out some long needles as well as
rubbing alcohol. I walked up to Jessica and removed the clips
from her bruised, bleeding nipples. I poured alcohol on them
causing burning anguish. She screamed out in pain and I smiled.
I inserted the tip of one of the long needles into the meat of
her right breast and pushed it all the way through. She winched
in travail as her flesh was pierced. Once the end came out the
other side I did the same thing but at a 90 degree angle from the
first one. Her suffering was incredible. I impaled her tits
multiple times until both breasts had no less than 10 needles
pushed completely through them. She just moaned continuously but
her pussy was on fire. She needed my cock and would get it soon
I next attached wires to each of the needles and then
attached the loose ends to a switchbox. I plugged a powerful
battery into the switchbox. It wasn’t enough juice to
electrocute her, but enough to slowly heat up the needles until
they were burning hot. I turned the switch on and stood back and
looked at her. She was magnificent. Covered with marks from the
whip but her body was still awesome.
As I waited for the needles to heat up I took out a pair of
pliers and went to work on her toes. I started on her right
foot, the big toe. I clamped the pliers on the toenail and
slowly twisted it, tearing the nail away. She barked in pain.
The nail began to dislodge and she shook in agony. The pain was
so intense. Then violently, I yanked up, ripping the toenail
completely off. Her screams of agony almost made me come so I
quickly took off my pants and squeezed the base of my cock
preventing the semen from ejaculating. I wanted to save that for
later. I started on her other toes and removed each toenail in
turn. She remained awake during the procedure and had to endure
the pain which was almost beyond belief. Her screams never
ceased as I rammed sewing pins into her toes where the nails used
to be. It was extra sensitive.
By now the needles inserted in her breasts were heating up.
“How does that feel bitch?” I asked her.
“Oh god, it hurts so much. The needles, they are too hot!”
I could see her shaking trying to get the needles out but they
were firmly lodged in her breast meat. They got hotter and
hotter searing her from the inside out. As the needles heated up
I walked behind the tree and took one of her fingers in my hand.
I bent it all the way back until she was screaming at the top of
her lungs. I did the same to all her fingers, mangling them,
then took the pliers and crushed the tips of all ten of her
fingers sending bolts of red hot pain throughout her body. But
then I smelled smoke. I walked around to her front and the
needles were red hot and started to severely burn her tits. I
laughed and swear at that point she hadn’t stopped screaming for
the last 10 minutes.
Her tits were burning hot and the needles punished them. I
finally removed them and she sighed in relief. But I grabbed a
nail and stuck it through the bridge of her nose causing more
torment. Then I grabbed my hunting knife and sliced away one of
her nipples and ate it like candy. She just shook and quaked in
terror as I chewed on her nipple. Blood oozed from the wound
where the needles had been inserted so I drank it. I then kissed
her on the mouth and to my surprise she kissed me back. After
all the pain, all the torment, she still loved me. I took a
bottle and rammed it up her tight ass, dry. Once it was fully
inserted I shattered it with a hammer and rubbed the broken
shards into her anal lining. She finally passed out from the
sheer agony. I injected powerful uppers into her thigh and she
awoke at once and again felt the pain in her ass. I slipped my
steel hard cock between her pussy lips and then violently shoved
it in as far as I could. She just moaned in despair, she was in
so much pain, but her pussy was still dripping wet and I know
she had already reached orgasm. I viciously pumped in and out of
her tight cunt. It felt so good to finally rape her after all
the chatting we had done about our fantasies. Now it was
reality. I slammed her for a good ten minutes while slapping her
across the face. Finally I felt my seed rising and my
ejaculation commenced. I filled her all the way up with cum and
I screamed out in pleasure and pain as my wads of think, gooey
sperm shot into her pussy.
After I finished cumming, I kissed her again, then grabbed
my knife and plunged it into her stomach. It severed several
major blood vessels and she was near death. I looked her in the
eyes during her last seconds of life and smiled as she slipped
into the great unknown.
After her death I cut up and burned the body, eating some of
it, but for the most part I wanted to destroy the evidence.
I’ll never forget young Jessica. I still have her panties
and love holding them and thinking of her and looking at her sexy

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  1. You must be a mind reader, because my name is Jessica and I, until very recently, lived in Missouri, and I’d love all of this to happen to me. Currently very intrigued and turned on.

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