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Tutorial for New Authors

If you wish to contribute to snuffme’s community, please write a short message to [email protected], and tell us why would you like to join the team (if it’s possible, include links to your sample works or commissions, or tell us how big is your stash of snuff fantasy porn). We’re looking for kind people that love to write snuff fantasy bedtime stories, make poser-3d images, drawings, animations, comics, photo manipulations or captions, and share them with the world. We’re constantly growing in numbers, so each month a ton of new people will get to see all the cool stuff you made! Plus – we offer you a few neat bonuses.

  • Each Author will be given access to the backend of the website. That means, you can design the posts as you like. You can upload an image along with a short story to it, etc. Don’t be afraid – the backend is very user friendly, and gives you a lot of options! (See Tutorial for New Authors)
  • Each Author will be given the opportunity to provide additional affiliate reflinks to their full-scaled images, video or file uploads. So, practically speaking, you can make money by posting on snuffme! (see Tutorial for New Authors)
  • Each Author can freely distribute links to their own website(s)/tumblr account etc. (if they own one) under every post they make.

Important note – we only accept people that speak english, and we only accept content related to dolcett, snuff fantasies, or general extreme sex & kink. We DO NOT accept real beastiality, content involving minors (even drawn or digitally rendered), or other stuff that’s not relevant to the website’s theme.

Trustworthy people will be given an Editor account – which means, you will also be able to moderate the website’s content (for example, help less experienced Authors to design their posts, or correct spelling mistakes, etc).