1. Initial setup

1.1 Set up an external image hosting account with an affiliate program to make money on your image uploads. It takes around 2 minutes. I personally recommend ImgChili.
1.2 Set up an external video hosting account to embed your videos on snuffme. Personally i recommend Heavy-R or Xvideos.

2. Logging in to author area

2.1 Go to snuffme.com, select Upload


2.2 Click on Enter The Author Area


2.3 Type in your account login and password. Your login and password are the same as the ones you registered with.

You will be redirected to the dashboard 🙂

3. Posting Images

3.1 Select Posts -> Add New


3.2. Type in the title of your post. Please, be a little descriptive. Short titles like “beheading” or “snuff” will be corrected by admins or editors.


3.3 Click on Add Media button (below the post’s title), and hit Upload Files -> Select Files to upload your image. IMPORTANT NOTE: we have backend scripts that will scale the image down a bit due to page loading speed. For providing full res images, see point 3.5


3.4 If your image is correctly uploaded, you should be redirected to a box that displays the media files, with your image marked in a blue checkbox. Fill out the fields on the right side (Title, Caption, Alt text)


3.5 Scroll down abit in the right section to see additional options:
– Alignment: Center is the best, but if you wish to do otherwise, do so (for example, if you want to add a story to the image, or some general thoughts)
Link to: the most important option. If you wish to make money on your image uploads, upload the img to a filehost with an affiliate program (like ImgChili – remember, you MUST BE LOGGED IN!). Switch to CUSTOM URL (like shown in the image below) and paste the code provided by ImgChili. From now on, every time somebody clicks on your image, gets redirected to ImgChili, and you earn cash 🙂 If you don’t want to make cash, just select Link to: MEDIA FILE.
– Size: select Full Size
When you’re done, click Insert into Post.


3.6 Scroll up abit and check the right post types and categories.


3.7 Scroll to the top of the page and hit PUBLISH. That’s all! 🙂


4. Posting Videos

4.1 Now that you can post images, it’s time to share some videos. To share a video from other porn sites, look for “EMBED” button somewhere around the desired video. A HTML code should appear. Copy it to your clipboard.


4.2 Create a new post just like you did it with images, but instead, change the editor from “VISUAL” to “TEXT”, and paste the copied HTML code here. Select the right categories, and tags for your video. Hit PUBLISH, and you’re done 🙂


If You experience any problems regarding posting, mail [email protected]