The Execution Room before

Execution, Garoote, 3DCG... a execution room with 2 nude girl and one military girl
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2 guilty girls, 1 executioner, and the famous basement of death. There are rumours about this basement, but nobody can be sure if it really exist. The reason is simple. Nobody who enters it, was able to talk about it later. There are different ways to die in this dark basement. Almost everything is possible here. In this moment, there are 3 girls down there.
For now it is sure, that at least one girl will die down here. Who will it be? What do you think how many girls will die in this dark place today?

I know its mean from me, but i already know the answer. But i love to read about your imagination about this scene. Feel free to write in the comments!

2 comments on “The Execution Room before

  1. OH BOY… where do I begin … The redhead slut is obviously going to be garroted … The blonde bitch will either hang on a noose or be shot. Afterwards, the clothed lady will impale herself on the spike in the background while watching them both suffocate and she’ll masturbate as the rod goes through her stomach all the way … 😀

  2. the blonde will revolt against the clothed executioner, pinning and raping her with a spiked dildo while the redhead squirms and watches in her garrot. the blonde could either make love to the red head on top of the gory remains of the executioner or kill the red head (no witnesses right!) with the garrot and cook and eat both remains.

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