Taimarra’s Torture – A Vex Darkness Story

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Taimarra’s Torture

I suddenly saw her walking to some coffee shop as I stood looking around on the corner
one night in a nameless town I traveled to that morning. I was easily hidden in the shadows. No
one saw me. No one knew me or what was on my mind. But she certainly will very soon. It was
really late too, almost 11pm. Who the fuck drinks coffee that late? Good, it will keep her more
aware as I torture her. If she happens to pass out, I got plenty of uppers in my bag of tricks.
I watched her as she ordered what looked like a 24oz cup. God damn this bitch is gonna
suffer. She began walking back to her car which was nicely concealed in an unlit parking garage
way on the other side of the street. I saw no other cars, no other people. Nothing. It was just this
worthless stupid whore and me.

From just her walk I could tell this was the case. She had almost a defiant look about her.
Like she would fight back. Most do I’ve found. Except once or twice those who submit to me
rather quickly. I usually keep those pieces of meat alive at my place and they do anything I want.
Eat my shit and piss, degrade themselves in front of me. It’s quite fun. This cunt however may
not even submit at all. I actually considered for a moment taking her as a slave but my needs this
evening were insatiable and beyond my ability for rational control. It was decided. She’s gonna
die tonight.

I doubled around the back of the garage, still out of sight, and entered through a side door.
I saw her leaning on her car. She appeared to be talking to someone on her Bluetooth.
She must be really stupid as I was now standing on the other side of her car just watching
her. I put on my steel knucks and jumped out in front her. She seemed quite surprised and I
punched her in the stomach full force at least five times. She instantly gasped, the air driven
from her lungs and fell to her knees. I told the guy on the phone that next time he wanted to talk
to her to call the county morgue. His voice seemed strangely familiar and I disconnected the call
then grabbed some speaker cable from my back pocket and wrapped it around my hands.

She was nearly flat on her stomach now, starting to lean forward from the original
kneeling position. But just before she did I got behind her and put the shielded wire around her
throat. I pulled it as tight as I fucking could, cutting off all air and most blood. I knew I could
easily kill her at this moment and nearly did. My face was pure rage, my eyes cold and heartless,
as always. I choked her without mercy for about 30 seconds, maybe more, only stopping as I
suddenly realized she was about to die and I smelled urine leaking from her cunt, maybe even
some shit from her ass.

My sadism had now completely overwhelmed any sense of reason an ordinary person
would have. But I am far from ordinary, very far. The feeling of complete, ultimate control, her
life, however worthless it was, in my hands, got me so fucking hard I almost nutted right then. I
let her go and this time she dropped on her side, flaccid and unconscious. I bent over her and
managed to bring up some piss even though it hurt, and sprayed it on her face.

I violently kicked her ribs until several were broken and I saw blood trickle from between
her blue lips. She eventually stirred as I impatiently paced back and forth.
“So, you are awake, fucking cunt!!!” She weakly coughed, and in pain from the broken
ribs and bleeding internally. She laid there like a worthless disgusting cow. Taking her hair in
my hands, I began to bash her face into the cement. I was very careful not to cause life
threatening damage but she got cut up real fast. “Do you want me to kill you whore???!!” I took
a serrated steak knife out of my bag and after yanking her head back, pressed it into her throat
right on the bruises from the wire. “Well????” I pressed it harder until I saw blood. Harder still
until her flesh began to part. “I’m not playing cunt!!!!” Just before I did it, she spoke..
“No.” she finally said after her throat was nearly slit. I laughed. In anger, she cursed me.
“Fuck you!” she said. I laughed again, yanked her head back by the hair, and spit on her
face then carved into her forehead with the knife. Releasing her hair and again using the steak
knife, I stripped her, cutting away her clothes including bra and panties.

“You worthless fucking stupid whore!!” I took a pair of pliers also from my bag and
clamped it on her left ear lobe as I now straddled her back, pinning the bitch down with her arms
to her sides under me as well. She tried to struggle but to no avail. I slowly pulled the flesh of
her ear but she made little noise. I opened it and then clamped it again, this time grabbing hold
of the entire ear, including cartiledge, and violently yanked and twisted until it was ripped away
in a disgusting process. I definitely heard noises now, such as screaming, and it turned me on.
“That’s what I thought whore!!!!!!” I yelled and jabbed out her eardrum with an ice pick. Her
screams of agony continued.

I bound her arms behind her with duct tape, wrapping it around her wrists and elbows so
much so that I’d have to use a blade to free her. But why? I’ll leave her just like this and the
only thing I’ll free her from is her pain when I decide to kill her.
I turned her onto her back as best I could and stood up to look at her. She was sexy, her
face all messed up, neck clearly abused, and her one ear gone. She moaned in unending pain but
still seemed to have a strong will. “Now, what is your name?”

“Fuck off!!”

“You stupid fucking worthless piece of shit!!!!. I’m gonna fucking hurt you so fucking
bad bitch!!!! I’m gonna fucking break every fucking bone in your body cunt!!!!! Do you hear
me??? Only one thing will save you from the most incredible agony you’ve ever felt. I’ll ask
you one last fucking time and if you don’t answer the right way I’m gonna gag you, rape you
until your ass and cunt are ripped, and torture you until you die!!!” Just so this bitch knew I
wasn’t fucking around, I used the same pliers as her ear, and began to remove chunks of flesh
from one of her tits. At least a 8 or 9 pieces I ripped off in a cruel, slow way, and finished my
lesson by tearing off the nipple. I had to twist it around and around until it finally gave way and
dislodged. I threw all the pieces of skin and nipple at her, then punched her face about 30 times
knocking out lots of teeth and bruising her horribly. She winched and cried in pain the whole
time and even I saw tears now. I took a scalpel and skinned her entire tit since it was already
mutilated and then poured a quart of 91% rubbing alcohol on the exposed meat underneath. Oh
she really fucking screamed now, non stop in fact between pants of labored breath because I also
choked her manually and sat on her stomach.

Letting the alcohol seep in and as her cries got louder, I got off her and searched her
clothes. I found a pack of cancer sticks in her pants pocket. I threw them away but grabbed the
Zippo lighter I also found and showed it to her. My eyes went from the Zippo to her raw, bloody
breast and back again and I made sure she noticed. I flipped it and waved lit the flame in her
face. Then my eyes went to hers. “Last chance. After this you do nothing but suffer and die.” I
waited a moment for her to think about it. “Okay, what is your name?” She looked away and
said nothing. “Fuck you whore!” I flipped completely now and burned her entire raw tit with the
flame, holding it for no less than 45 seconds on each section of meat unit it was smoking and
burnt to the third degree and parts even ignited as some of the alcohol remained.
She not only screamed now, but shrieked in total agony even as I stopped the torture 20
minutes later. Her eyes were closed and the tears she tried so hard to prevent seeped from
between her eyelids which battered as her suffering was paramount.. She thrashed now, shaking
violently and was just all out screaming. “You had your fucking chance worthless fucking
cunt!!! Your name is WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled at her but doubt she heard me.

I took some quick pictures and a movie with sound of this scene, including macros of her
flaming breast with my HP R707 digital camera, then beat her on the head with a short wooden
club until she was knocked out cold then hit her a couple more times for fun.

When whore finally awoke she was in my motel room an hour or two later. Her arms
were bound with exposed, stranded wire to the opposing metal bed posts and so tight her hands
nearly became severed but I made sure enough blood was still reaching her fingers to keep the
nerves alive because I had ideas later for them later.. I secured her ankles in a similar fashion,
spread far apart, except I used lengths of razor wire which had been heating in the gas oven for
say 3 hours.

I was standing at the end of bed, naked, with my throbbing cock in my hand. I looked at
her and she looked at me. She appeared as if was just about to tell me her name was “whore” but
I didn’t give her the chance and pounced on her. I beat her face really hard, kneeled over her
mouth which I held open, and took a nice steaming shit into it then duct taped it shut. I wrapped
the tape around the back of her head and over her mouth repeatedly and pressed it to make sure it
was completely sticking. I massaged her throat and she actually shallowed my excrement. And
why shouldn’t she? She must have finally realized I owned her but would never be able to tell
me this or anything else. I considered removing the tape as the night progressed to hear her
screams again but wanted to wait to see what happened.

“Now, you disgusting stupid fucking worthless cunt. I’m gonna fucking rape you. Stupid
fucking bitch!!”

I got on top of whore. I positioned myself and slowly pushed into her twat parting the
labia, but first rubbing my head up and down against her clit. I entered deeply, god it was
fucking tight, and pumped a couple times.

But she moaned through the duct tape. “CUNT!!!!!!!! Are you fucking enjoying
this??????” I immediately pulled out. “That’s it bitch!!!!!!!!! Since you were enjoying yourself,
you need to hurt instead!!!!!!!!!!” Her eyes actually became fearful now, looking at me but
whore did not deserve to look at her abuser so I put duct tape across her eyes too, again pressing
it hard but used not as much as her mouth because I needed to look into them as she died later
and wanted to be able to remove it with at least some ease.

I sat between her spread legs and reached over to my bag of tricks which was next to her
on the huge king size bed. I looked into it for something special. The bag had grown quite large
over the years, forcing me to purchase ever larger ones. I got this last one at some random Home
Depot in VA as I was passing by. It was made of thick, coarse backpack material. “Contractor
grade” the 18 y/o piece of shit cunt cashier told me as I wiled her with pleasantries and
compliments while easily dissecting her in my thoughts. Of course most of the dull people that
work there are trained to say everything is “contractor grade”. Suffice it to say, not even the
unsheathed machete I kept in there damaged it at all. Fuck, you could drop it off a 5 story
building and it would be in better shape when it hit the ground then when you let it go. More
than I can say for whore though who will be in very much WORSE shape when I’m done with
her because she’ll be a fucking corpse.

I finally found what I needed. Actually multiple items. She couldn’t speak or see me.
All she could do now was listen to me degrade her and feel the pain I caused. In my hand was
two small pieces of glass, maybe a 1/8 inch thick, about « inch long, and roughly 1/4 inch wide.
I also took out my pair of actual “Vise-Grip” brand pliers. The same pair my brother-in-law
bought me for Christmas when I was a teenager and they remained in mint condition.

I put her rather large clit between the two pieces of glass. Oh she felt it too and knew
something bad was about to happen so she struggled. “God damn it whore!!!!!!!!” I screamed
and grabbed a 15 pound steel mallet out of my bag and took a couple hard fucking swings at her
left shin. I liked her reaction, her head arched back and she moaned really loud, but not from
pleasure this time, from pain. She’d feel no more pleasure tonight, only agony. I bashed her leg
in this fashion repeatedly as hard I could until it was completely mutilated, shattered bone tearing
from her flesh. I grabbed one of the larger pieces of bone, making sure it had a wicked jacked
edge, then moved up to her face. I peeled back part the tape covering her eyes exposing one. I
took the bone stub and ever so slowly pierced the tip into her eye. I mean really slow.

Millimeter by millimeter. I held her still by the throat choking her almost to death again. Then
suddenly I rammed it all the way through her eyeball being careful not to penetrate her brain. I
twisted the bone, destroying her optical organ then yanked out the bloody bone and shoved it up
her cunt but slightly downwards and to the side so it tore through her flesh and came out of her
ass sideways. I could not recognize the noises she made now. They were not human, that’s for
sure. I left the bone there then went back to my original plan.

I again put her clit between the two glass pieces, one on top and one on bottom. She
didn’t struggle this time at all. I squeezed them hard pinching her clitoris, then put the pliers
around the glass. I adjusted the grip on the pliers so it would close 100% but would require crazy
strength to do it, why do you think they are called vise-grip? I clamped them now, slowly, then I
squeezed harder and harder. The glass began to crack and her clit became crushed. I squeezed
so fucking hard and the glass shattered now and her clit was completely smashed with all the
glass fragments being mashed into the highly sensitive flesh. I held it there a good minute or two
then yanked forward tearing away what was left of it. Boy she thrashed after I did that, damn. It
must have really fucking hurt. She no longer made any noises, she was so past that point. She
weakly fought in a futile attempt against her bounds. Her ankles got all slashed up from the razor
wire and her hands now turned blue as she tried to get away from this pain.

I was fucking horny as ever so I straddled her and began stroking myself. I knew it
wasn’t going to take long for me to get off and my cock throbbed and ached. After playing with
myself for only 15 or 20 more seconds, I came and shot my load all over her bloody face. I
smeared some into her nose making her choke and smiled. Her whole face was covered in my
seed now, and I was quite spent.

Now there was only one thing left to do. Kill this fucking cunt. She had already lost a lot
of blood but still had plenty of life in her. Life that I wanted to take. First I took out a cat-o-nine
tails that I had modified with pieces of jagged, broken glass and barbs on the tips and whipped
her with it. She flinched at each strike and I worked over what remained of her tit flesh and also
on her stomach. It easily ripped her skin and then I went to work on her cunt, giving extra
special attention there. I whipped her over and over and over until my arm hurt. Her twat was
utterly destroyed after nearly 10 minutes of this and then I whipped her right in the face a dozen
or two times with strikes as hard as I could manage. Her entire body was laden with blood now
and she just made a low moaning noise.

I took the tape off her other eye so she could watch me end her. I took out a razor blade
and pressed it into her throat. I sank it in and it cut through her skin in a pleasingly easy fashion.
Then I suddenly dug it in as deep as I could cutting into tendons, muscle, and then arteries. The
blood spray was fantastic as the razor reached the other side of her neck. As she bled out before
my eyes, I just went crazy and started pummeling her with my fists. I punched her face breaking
her jaw, punched her in the chest smashing more ribs, and in her stomach knocking the wind out
of her. I then held her head by her chin and looked her right in the eye as she died in horror,
blood everywhere.

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