Euphoria & Lamentation

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Euphoria & Lamentation

Part I – Desires Revealed

We awoke sometime after 10am and slowly got out of bed. I talked to her over breakfast
about something I had been thinking about.
“Hey Morganna, what do you want to do today?” I asked while grabbing her crotch. She
took hold of my hand, placed it on her tits, and said I already knew what she wanted.
“I’ve been thinking, there’s this girl, you know, Nicole, that I’ve been chatting with lately.”
I showed her Nicole’s pictures that she had sent in e-mail, including nudes.
“She’s cute.” I decided to be straight up, there are never lies or any worries between me
and Morganna, no judgments. Just love and acceptance. It forms the basis of our relationship,
not to mention I know she’s twisted.

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