Holly’s Sexicide

The video began with security camera footage of Holly parking her Mercedes convertible in the basement garage of the high rise tower where she had her office, then getting into the elevator. Holly was a short curvy blonde in her mid-thirties with 38DD tits who favored short tight skirts. On the surface she was a legitimate acting agent, but secretly specialized in pimping out famous actresses who would fuck anyone for the right price. Preoccupied by texting on her cell phone, Holly did not see a fiftyish brunette wearing sunglasses and a long black vinyl coat, step out of the elevator, holding what appeared to be an ordinary cell phone.

As the other woman’s cell phone flashed several times in quick succession, Holly’s eyes at first fluttered then grew wide into a blank stare, her arms falling limp at her side, obivious to the cell phone in her hand. The brunette grabbed Holly by the arm, then yanked her into the elevator. The rest of the video consisted of more security camera footage, plus video from Holly’s cell phone and a video recording system in her office she used to record meetings with clients but kept secret from them.

Inside the elevator, Holly seemed to regain awareness of her surroundings, but remained robotic, showing no expression or emotion. The brunette appeared to give Holly instructions then handed Holly a duffle bag, remaining inside the elevator as Holly stepped out and stepped across the alcove tp her her office, walking through glass walls with chrome and glass doors glistening in the evening sun, Holly told her office assistant she could take off early. Once sure the office assistant was gone. Holly locked the outer door, rolled down the blinds, then locked the door After setting the duffle bag on her large glass and stainless steel desk, Holly pulled a flash drive and a webcam from the bag, inserted the drive into her laptop, connected the webcam, then leared down and watched the screen intently. Expressions of horror, terror, and soon sexual arousal flashed across her face. Steadying herself on the desk, her breath coming in short sharp gasps, Holly’s body trembled with excitement. She reached into the bag and pulled out a thick plank driven through with dozens of nails half a foot long.

Holly set the plank on the edge of her desk, hooked her fingers in the cleavage of her green low-cut sweater blouse, jerked it below her tits, then sat in her chair, knuckles white as she gripped the edge of her desk, then began bouncing up and down, her fat 38DD tits heaving in unison with Holly’s body as she slowly pulled herself toward the plank. At first her flesh resisted being pentrated , but as her motion grew more violent, the undersides of her tits slapping the desk, the nails were soon inside her, burrowing deeper and deeper.

Holly sat motionless for several minutes, staring at her tits, body quivering, until a woman’s voice on the computer said, “Get your clothes off and do the rest of it.”
“It’s too much!”, said Holly, “I can’t take this!”
“You’ve barely started you little whore”, said the voice, “you know you can’t wait to find out how it feels.”

Biting her lip, her hands shaking, Holly slowly pulled the nails out of her tits, then stood up and stripped out of her blouse, unhooked her lacey black bra, unzipped her skirt, and slid her panties down her shapely legs. For a moment she looked at her nude body’s reflection in the window, gleaming with sweat as she ran her hands over her flat belly and firm thighs. Turning back to her desk, Holly picked up her cell phone, set it to record video, then pushed it underneath the desk with her foot. Suddenly, her stomach heaving, a wave of nausea overcame Holly, splattering the desk as she vomited. Instead of cleaning it up, she reached into the duffle bag and pulled her another plank, this one wider and longer than the first. Holly, after placing the plank on the center of the desk, turned around and awkwardly clambered on, using her reflection in the window as a guide to position her ass over the plank. The vomit made the glass slippery but, supporting herself with her feet and elbows, Holly managed to slowly lower herself her until the nails pressed against her ass. Suddenly her feet slid of the desk, dropping her full weight on the nails, the cell phone video recording her writhing body from behind as Holly’s flailing legs drove the steel into her flesh. Holly’s long shrill screams going unheard, Holly fainted from the agony and the stench of her vomit.

For several minutes Holly lay motionless, barely breathing, blood pouring out from under her as it pooled around her body then streamed off the desk and down her legs, splattering the floor. Finally, moving in a daze, Holly pulled herself to the other end of the desk, her feet slipping several times in her blood before she was able to lift herself and let the weight of the plank pull the nails out of her.

Struggling to move, Holly rolled onto her belly, then pushed herself up onto all four fours. Reaching one more time into the duffle bag, Holly pulled out a plank sized to fit between her crotch and navel, then placed it under her. Another wave of nausea overcame Holly, this time also emptying her bowels as she vomited. Slowly, Holly lowered herself until she could feel the nails pressing into her lower abdomen, then stretched out her legs and let her weight do the rest. It was almost a relief when she felt the nails burst through into her, skewering her bladder and intestines. For several minutes Holly writhed, grinding her crotch in her shit, blood, piss, and vomit, the cell phone under Holly capturing her sexual ecstasy as she turned into a corpse.

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