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    Uncle Joe’s Secret Machine
    meatgirlkimmi aka slavekimmi

    Kimmi’s aunt had called her and asked if she could house sit for two weeks while her and her uncle went on a cruise for vacation. Kimmi drove up to the large house settled in the middle of a large property with large walls, and plenty of trees and bushes. It was well landscape and absolutely beautiful. Kimmi smiled remembering all the pool parties at Uncle Joes. But that was a few years ago when she was still a teen and now she was a young woman living on her own. She pulled into the driveway and exited her car and her aunt came running out and gave her a huge hug.

    “Oh Kimmi your are a beautiful young woman.”

    “Thank you Auntie Tanya.” Kimmi replied

    “Well Kimmi we will be gone two weeks and you need to just watch over the property and your uncle is gone but asks you stay out of the steal building behind the house. That is his private shop and there should be plenty of food here for you while we are gone.” ,spoke Tanya

    Kimmi got a weird look of curiosity on her face simply saying, “No Problem auntie.”

    Aunt Tanya got into her BMW and drove out of the driveway as Kimmi walked into the huge house she remembered fondly as a child and teen. As she walked in it open into a large entry with 12 foot ceilings, many windows letting in all the light and a large stairs leading to the second floor of the house where all the bedrooms were. She looked to the right and saw the fireplace they had hot cocoa next on the evenings after the pool parties and her uncles impressive entertainment system. Kimmi walked into the kitchen which had a huge counter island you could fit two pigs on, and an oven large enough to cook one of those pigs. Everything was stainless steal, huge two door freezer, large two door refrigerator, and a stove top with 16 burners. Her uncle was a master chef for a fine dining restaurant so his home kitchen had to be the best.

    Kimmi walked to the fridge and grab a cold bottle of water and some carrots to eat while watching some television. She was taught to always eat right with a low sodium diet and very little meat. She was told that vegetables and fruit made for better muscle and she believed her uncle so she did just that. He had stepped in as a father figure when her father ran out on the family. For days Kimmi swam in the pool, did her yoga and palates and job around the expansive grounds. But in the back of her head curiosity was building about her uncles shop., She would go by it on her runs each morning, and could see it from the window of the guest bedroom she was staying in. By the tenth day there she could not hold back and walked over to the door of the shop. She tried to turn the handle but it was locked. Being this close but denied really made her curiosity grow and she knew she had to get in. She walked around the building and found a few small windows in the back but up about ten feet.
    So she went into the garage to look for a ladder but to no avail. She was getting angry that it looked like she wasn’t going to get in. A couple more days pass, her uncle and aunt are due back the next evening. She knows this is the last night to try to sneak in so she searches the house and end up in the basement and finds the ladder she needs. Excited she runs up stairs and out the back door carrying the ladder. Kimmi then lays it against the back wall and slowly climbs the ladder feeling butterflies in her stomach. She reaches the top to look inside and can see all kind of tables, tools, books, blue prints, and something covered with a tarp. She checks the window and see the latch it old. She pulls for a few minutes and the old metal lets go and the window tilts open. Kimmi climbs through the window, and as she slides in her shirt catches and rips it off.

    “Damn that was one of my favorite tops!”

    She slowly climbs down onto a stack of pallets and then down to the floor. It is very chilly and with her shirt off her nipples feel the cool air and become erect through her pink lace bar. Absent-mindedly she caresses her breasts and nipples moaning softly and biting her lower lip. Between the mystery and her own touch she can feel her slit start to grow wet. She saw all the tools needed to build machinery but wondered what her uncle, a chef, would be building. All his cooking things could be bought. She walked over to the table and started to look at the blue prints with a name across the top “Ultimate Sex Machine”. She look over them with and grew more excited and become wetter now pinching her nipples and liking the bit of pain. Only she knew about her secret fetish for bondage and how much pain turned her on.

    Kimmi turned and saw the machine under the tarp, and it was like unknown force pulling her towards. She walked over slowly, grabbed the tarp and pulled. As the tarp slide to the ground she say how it was built of sturdy stainless steel. In large black letter it said “Ultimate Sex Machine”, and Kimmi knew she needed to try it. Before trying she looked it over and it looked like a girl needed to be in a doggie style position for the metal rods to enter from behind. It had one large long rod 8 feet long, and another short rob about a foot long attached to it. She guessed it needed to be that long to keep it stable. But she didn’t know for sure since she was not a mechanic. She walked around the machine and found a red switch, so she flipped it. Lights came on and buzzing started, along with parts starting to move. Kimmi could feel her panties were becoming soak with anticipation. Then the computer voice came on, “Do you need help with setup?”

    Kimmi pressed the button for “yes” and the machine spoke, “I am the ultimate sex machine, you must remove all clothes so they do not get caught in the machine and hurt you.” Kimmi looked at the machine, and she needed to know if this machine would be the best experience she would ever have. So she slowly but hesitantly reached up and unhooked the clasp on the front of her bra and let it fall to the ground. She could feel the cool air on them making her want this experience even more. She ran her hands over her breasts, and under them feeling how firm they were. Guys loved them. Then she unzipped the front of her shorts and let them drop to the floor stepping out of them. She slid her hand into her thong and could feel that she was dripping with want for this sexual ride. She then slid her thong off and slid it aside, and walked nude over to the machine. She looked down at it, and hit the ready button.

    The voice came on and said “Please enter height and weight so the machine can get into position.” Kimmi typed in her stats and the machine made a few moves, then the voice chimed in, “Please stand on the red circles on the back side.” Kimmi walk back placing her feet in the red circles, and the voice came on, “Please step up and kneel in the blue circles.” She stepped up the step and slowly kneeled down on the blue circles. The voice came on, “Now lean forward, place your breasts into the cups, and your chin into the holder ahead.” Getting scared she stops for a second thinking she should get off, but her aching vagina craves attention and leans forward sliding her supple breasts into the cups and her chin on the rest platform. The machine whirled, moved some, and she felt straps go over her ankles, calves, and hamstring area pulling secure. Kimmi panicked at this and was about to sit up when a band came down on her neck holding her there and then one last strap over her back pulling tight. She heard of another motor move and her hands were grabbed by robotic arms and placed behind her back and cuffed to her strap across her back.

    Kimmi was scared she fought the bonds to no avail. She was stuck, and at the mercy of this machine. She then heard a click and could feel a motion behind her, and the machine said, “Prepare for the ultimate fuck, relax your anus and vagina while the metal dildos slide in, don’t worry they auto-lubricate.” She felt the tip of cold steal touch her anus, and the felt a cool liquid shoot into her, and the metal started to slide into her. The machine pushed the pole in slowly until it was around nine inches into her ass, and then felt a second pole start to slide in her soaking wet pussy and stopped once it was eight inches deep. Her fear started to slide into the back of her mind, and she could feel the poles in both of her holes. Her want for pleasure took over and she started to hump back the little bit she could trying to bring herself to the orgasm her body craved. It wasn’t enough as she was bound so tight. Then the voice came on, “This machine will now start and run for sixty minutes.”

    Both of the poles started to slide in and out, first slowly, than faster, and faster til they had a fast steady pace. Within three minutes Kimmi felt her first rush, and sparks popped in her head and her orgasm washed over her, As the machine kept going, she had one orgasm after another, each getting larger and more earth shattering than the last. As the time wound down, the machine slowed and Kimmi’s head cleared. The machines name fit perfectly. She had never had that many orgasms in her life and doubted every having that many again. Her head was very light and still spinning. She waited for the machine to release her but it didn’t. She tried against the bonds again, but she knew it was hopeless. She was stuck and her uncle was going to find her and be mad she disobeyed him. She was there for hours, and the she heard two cars pull up and knew any minute she would be found.

    Soon she heard her uncle calling her name, the voice getting closer and louder. The she heard, “What the hell! Why is there a ladder on my shop?” Next thing the door opened and her uncle stepped and saw Kimmi strapped to the machine. He walked up to her, stopped, stared at her for like five minutes. Then he walked around her completely and was making noise of approval. He smiled, licked his lips, and finally spoke, “Just couldn’t listen could you?” “Uncle, please let me out, I am so sorry. I just, just, just couldn’t resist when I found out what the machine was.”, she whimpered. He walked into front of her, then he slowly unzipped his pants, and looked her in the eyes, “Well Kimmi you need to be punished, and your going to take me in your mouth, and make me cum as punishment.” He then stepped forward pulling out his cock and it was throbbing with lust for her mouth. He slid it in, and grabbed a hand full of hair. He pushed deep into her throat and she gagged, then he slide back, and all the way in again holding it there for a bit til her face was turning red. He then pulled out, rubbing it on her face, and then back in again and repeated this demeaning action over and over until she felt his cock throb hard. His cock shot a huge load deep into her throat forcing her to swallow or drowned in cum.

    Her uncle them walked to the control panel of the machine, and push a button. Kimmi heard the machines moves and felt the pole in her ass slide in three more inches now having twelve inches of pole in her ass. Then her uncle spoke in a calm voice, “My dear Kimmi, you should have never found this machine and I can’t let you out and tell anyone.” “Now you find out what the you find out what the machine is truly for.” He walked behind her and slapped her on the ass, and she heard, “ Good bye little piggy, your just meat now!” Scared she was begging, pleading, with tears streaming done her eyes, “Uncle let me go I will never tell!” She felt the cups holding her breasts suck them in tight and a needle point went into each nipple, she felt warm liquid go in, and her breasts almost doubled in size and that is when the morphine kicked in and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. Then the spit started to slide in, she felt in slightly, pushing up though and her, then a quick sharp pain in her stomach, and felt her entrails were coming out. She felt warm water blast her insides, and rinse her cavity and then new arm was stitching her belly shut while stuffing was pumped inside. He heart and lungs still intact she was alive still, then she felt the spit go into the bottom of her esophagus and slide up slowly. Kimmi started to scream, but it was cut short when the spit slide past her vocal cords. She closed her mouth tight, but the spit forced it open and then she felt it sliding past her lips. Tears flowing down her face like a river, she wanted to be let free.

    The she saw the spit with her own eyes, it was all the way through her, she was spitted just like pigs she had seen at pig roasts. She knew deep down even if she was unspitted she would die from missing her organs. Her uncle walked in with another guy and they lifted her up and walked outside and took her over to a large grill she had never seen before and place her on top over the burners. Her uncle pushed a metal skewer through her left wrist, lifted both hands above the spit and pushed the skewer through her other wrist to keep her arms up. Then the other gentleman did the same with her ankles so they would stay up. Her uncle looked her in the eyes and saw she was still alive. He smiled, turn to his friend, “We got a live roaster!” Then all of a sudden Kimmi could feel a blast of heat and she started to turn slowly over the grill. The other man walked over wearing a apron and started basting her all over. Kimmi felt a sudden rush and started sliding up and down the spit just enough to bring her self to one last orgasm and then felt everything fade and then black.
    That evening Joe had 30 people over for his annual summer pig roast and Kimmi was on the menu. They had slow cooked her for four hours, basting and seasoning the whole time. When she was done they took her off the spit and placed her on a serving platter, Took her head off and put it on a spike so everyone could see who the roast was as they came to get there share. Jeo carved the cunt fillet for himself, and enjoyed it savoring every morsel of her soft juicy girl meat. Everyone ate there fill and the rest of Kimmi was then thrown to the dogs including her head to get rid of any evidence.

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