Public Slavery

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    Slave Girl

    @disturbed thanks for the comment. It is hot isn’t it? @admin what you just said is really hot haha.


    Vex Malleus

    So any more details?? How extreme would you go to serve?



    I love Slave Girl’s idea. I would certainly love to join as a public or community slave, to serve the community, to be publicly used, abused and tortured by any and all, to be bred, and eventually to be served to feed the group (though it would be a shame to do so before outliving my usefulness in other ways).



    Let me know if the opportunity, in reality, to be a communal slave as described, should arise.



    I love this idea on both sides. To be the slave would be second to heaven. To have a public slave in the area would be a very useful thing. The only problem would be, the slave would have to be very sturdy. I could do not see him/her surviving for very long. where would new ones come from?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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