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    Vex Malleus

    Please excuse any formatting or spelling errors. 🙂

    Night Time Pleasures

    I was horny as shit and couldn’t remember when I wanked last. It was around
    2am when I went for a drive. After a few minutes, I made a quick turn on a dirt road. I’d
    never been here before and damn it was really dark. Not a cop in sight, as if there ever
    was, too busy worrying about the drunk drivers on the main roads. But I wasn’t drunk, I
    don’t drink, I was horny. But more importantly, I felt sadistic. I’m a masochist too no
    doubt. But on this early morning I needed to inflict pain, not recieve it. I need to cause
    hurt, I need to hurt a girl, really bad. I kept on the dirt road, drove past a large house old,
    and then up into the woods. Deep into the woods. I was climbing a mountain, my ears
    even popped a little. I saw no cars, houses, or lights at all. Just woods and the moon
    overhead. I drove maybe 30 minutes, at a constant pace, saw absolutely nothing, just
    trees and some fields. The grade leveled off flat now, at the summit I guess, when I saw
    something large enough to catch my eye moving up ahead.
    “What the fuck is this, a deer?” I sighed as I got a little closer. Details began to
    take shape. Was this a person? Probably just some drunk guy that lost his way walking
    home after a party. A little closer. Now I see long dark, kinda curly hair, a black tank top,
    and faded bluejean shorts. No purse, no bags, nothing. Just walking alone at 2am. Did I
    just enter into a fucking movie, this never happens, how could I have been this lucky???
    I slow down to see her reaction. She knows I’m coming, the prey sees my headlights
    reflected off the trees ahead of her. I gradually pull up to her, coasting now, my foot off
    the gas. My window was already down, as I enjoy the scents of the night air. She stopped
    walking. I stopped my car. Her head turned to look at me. My face is shrouded, hidden
    inside. I move my head slightly out the window to look at her. Nothing is said at first, I
    look up and down her body, the tank top shows her fairly large breasts, her hair is down,
    flowing mostly about her back, it is dark, almost black.
    “What’s your name?” I asked her with a smile. She said her name is Robyn.
    “What you doing out here so late Robyn?”
    “I could ask you the same.” she said without fear.
    “Just going for a drive. Looking for something, someplace.”
    “Looking for what?”
    “Do you really want to know?”
    I shut my car off and got out, she is still unafraid as I stand up close to her.
    “A place to smoke this!” as I show her the joint I had rolled earlier. Her eyes seem
    excited when she saw it. “Go ahead, smell it.”
    “Oh this is good shit!” she said.
    “Of course, I only smoke good shit, come on!” she followed me and we
    walked down an old trail I spotted about thirty feet back. It was getting overgrown but
    there was clearly a path to somewhere. We walked maybe five minutes away from the
    road and onto the trail, even engaged in chit chat about this or that. She walked slightly
    ahead of me. I watched her move. I watched her ass, her hair waving gently with each
    step. Saw the smooth skin of her legs and arms. My rage was quickly growing, my anger
    nearly beyond comprehension, my overwhelmng bloodlust almost in control, but I
    wanted to get her and me high first. We stopped a short time later.

    “How about here?” she asked, seeing a tiny clearing, still excited, with no
    idea what was on my mind.

    “Sounds great!” I said. We walked off the path into the clearing and sat
    on an ancient tree that had fallen. I lit up the joint, made sure it was burning real good,
    and took a massive hit. I exhaled and passed it to her. She took a nice hit. Damn, she’s a
    pro, didn’t even cough. That impressed me, everyone coughs when they smoke my shit
    the first time. It won’t save her though. Nothing can save her now. She passed it back, I
    took another long hit. This continued until it was finished. We tossed the roach to the
    ground, save something for mother nature I told her. She giggled, completely stoned
    now, and laid back on the log to look at the stars, legs split across either side. I was baked
    as well, only making me more cruel. I looked down at her, she didn’t even notice. She
    was so inviting. Just laying there, slowly breathly, totally relaxed. I quickly got on top of her,
    presing my crotch against her, making sure she felt my erection.
    “Hey what the fuck are you doing!!!” she screamed, trying to fight me off.

    I punched her with a solid fist in the stomach as hard as I could. She defintely coughed
    now, or at least some kind of noise, the air driven from her lungs. I grabbed her hair and
    threw her to the ground. Still gasping, she managed to say something. “I thought you just
    wanted to get high, were just being nice, now you want to rape me??” she asked, tears
    and confusion in her eyes, hair a mess.

    “Shut the fuck up you fucking piece of trash!!” I screamed, looking
    down at her, my eyes glazed over with hatred and pure rage..
    “FUCK YOU!!!!!!!” she yelled, suddenly regaining some strength and tried
    to get up. I took hold of her hair, bashed her in the face about five times, stood up and
    kicked her non-stop until she stopped struggling. I took off her pants, tore off her panties,
    and tossed them away. My pants came off quickly too, my cock immense now, I didn’t
    even need to stroke it, standing fully erect, and throbbing with blood.. She was bruised,
    her lip busted and bleeding. I got on top of her, and without emotion on my face, put
    myself in her cunt. I shoved hard, all the way in. I held her arms by the wrists, pushing
    them down to the ground with the strength of a crazed animal. I began to thrust violently
    and shoved my cock into her as deep as I could and removed it, over and over, with ever
    more powerful strokes. She started to cry as this went on. “Please stop!!!!!!!! Please, this
    is hurting me!!!!” I only raped her harder, my fingernails cutting into her skin as I still
    held her. I fucked her so hard I must have torn something from the sudden change of
    expression on her face ten minutes more into this ordeal and she simply screamed. A
    blood chilling scream. One of just all pain. I laughed at her. I thought I even felt a liquid,
    may have been blood on my cock. I certainly hadn’t cum yet. I continued to rape her, my
    cock harder than ever. I let go of her arms, she made no attempt to strike me, her face
    contorted in agony. I pushed up her tank top, she wore no bra, and pinched her nipples,
    twisting them cruelly. I now neared orgasm. As my semen rose, I pumped furiously,
    faster and harder then before, litterly destroying what was left of her pussy. She just cried
    now, a low continous cry, as I used her like the piece of shit she is. A second or two later
    I exploded. My back arched as my seed filled her. It lasted a long time, maybe cause I
    was still high, and I kept pumping until I was done. I fell onto her, nearly exhausted,
    keeping my cock in her as it softened. A couple minutes later I regained my strength and
    looked into her eyes. She still cried. I have no compassion for her. For anyone. She is an
    object, a mere tool used to satisfy my cravings and nothing else. Her life was absolutely
    meaningless to me as are all fucking worthless cunt whores. She must have sensed this,
    now fearing for her life and actually tried to choke me as I picked my head up off her. I
    grabbed her by the forearms and pulled her away from my neck. Still holding her I stood
    up and tossed her quite forcefully into the fallen tree log like a doll. She crashed down,
    some of her skin torn off. I ripped off her tank top, making her completely naked now
    and grabbed her hair, dragging her all the way back down the trail to my car. She tried to
    claw at my hands that held her but I felt no pain. I never felt anything except anger. Her
    flesh easily ripped and sliced as she dragged across the dirt road and rocks. We got to my
    car and I threw her down in front of it. I turned on my headlights to blind her and opened
    my trunk and got out some duct tape. I put a piece over her mouth, around the back of her
    head, and over her mouth again, making several layers. I no longer wanted to hear
    anything from this fucking cunt. I taped her arms behind her back, at the elbows and
    wrists, again using multiple layers, and the same thing with her ankles and knees. She
    looked at me with dreaded fearful eyes.

    “What are you looking at bitch!!!!!!!!” I angrily kicked her in the stomach. I knelt
    down over her and grabbed one of her bound hands. I took out a small but very sharp,
    honed knife, and shoved the blade between two of her fingers, really hard so it sunk into
    the meat. Then I pulled it back and forth cutting her like a 16 year old’s birthday cake. I
    was surprised how deep it cut, as it kept going right between her knuckles. I eventually
    hit solid bone. I grabbed one of the fingers and yanked it sideways, tearing it away with a
    messy splatter of blood and threw down in front of her. She made noises now, deep from
    her throat and they were very sexy. I repeated this process on both of her hands until her
    fingers were all ripped off and laying on the ground where she could see them. I knew
    she did, her eyes frantically trying to look somewhere else but were fixed on them. I
    tossed cold water from my backpack cooler on her face to wake her back up after she
    finally fainted. “You disgusting fucking whore!!!!!!! Fucking worthless shit!!!!! Piece of
    trash slut cunt!!!” I yelled at her again and again. I was so enraged, my hatred exploding
    on this pretty girl, and why shouldn’t it. That’s what she is for. To be used and thrown
    away like the garbage. She exists for my whims and on this night I wanted her sex and
    her life. I put her on her back as best I could, I was engulfed with pure sadism. She bled a
    lot from her now completely mutilated hands but not nearly enough to end her life. My
    cock hard during her torture so I again raped her. I knew it really hurt too, her cunt
    already ripped apart. I pumped insanely for about five or ten minutes, much longer to her,
    and just before cumming, turned her over and raped her in the ass. It was a tight fit, a
    virgin there. I watched as my head pushed into her, the spinctor opening up to receive my
    thickness and I pulled her hair, almost snapping her neck as I was now fully inserted. I
    laughed at her some more, now pulling her hair with both hands. “This is what you
    deserve you stupid fucking disgusting cow!!!!!!!” I yelled as I begun pumping even
    harder and deeper than in her cunt for at least another eight or nine minutes straight while
    tearing handfulsof hair out of her scalp. I moved my hands down around her cheeks and
    twisted her head to see her face. It was covered in tears, and she wore no makeup. Her
    eyes were red and swollen with pain. She looked right at me too. Our eyes meeting, at
    least until her ass ring suddenly ripped open. If her mouth were not taped she’d have
    howled in agony. I let go of her hair, her face smashing into the dirt road, and instead
    held her waist, dragging her into me as I still pumped constantly for another maybe two
    minutes. My cum was seconds away, so I pulled out really fast causing even more pain,
    grabbed her by the back of the neck, and held her held so I could shoot my goo all over
    her face and in her eyes. I grunted as each wad of spunk shot on her skin further
    degrading the piece of meat. My orgasm was extremely intense, and when it finished I
    spit on her and dropped her head down so it smashed into the gravel road. I cleaned
    myself with her tank top and turned her back over. Just then she passed out once more,
    the pain in both her holes just too much to bare, but I was so glad she endured it this long,
    it made my pleasure that much better.

    It was now time for a change of scenery and I knew there was a river nearby. My
    sense of hearing which was already amazingly good, was even better when I’m stoned. If
    I recall, I heard running water coming from further down the trail we walked on eariler. I
    wasn’t sure if she heard it too and just didn’t say anything, not that I care. I dragged her
    by the hair again, she was out cold, her body nice and limp and it felt dead, but she
    needed more agony before being allowed to expire. It was a good walk, down an incline
    and across many sharp rocks and tree branches. I smiled as her skin was getting all
    fucked up, even more so than when I dragged her before. Soon the trees started to thin
    out and I heard the water clearly now. Then I found it, not too big, more like a very
    large creek. I dragged her to the water’s edge and let her go and then tested the fluid, it
    was pretty much ice cold. I threw her in and she woke up really quick, looking around as
    if not sure what was going on, her head just above the surface, but body completley

    “No this isn’t a dream, cunt. Even if it were, your dream is about to end.” I said,
    almost with a laugh. I didn’t bother to note her reaction and pulled her back to dry
    ground. I knew she was gonna be in serious pain now and I wanted to deny her the luxury
    of fainting. I searched my pockets and remembered the small capped syringe of
    amphetamines I had purchased a few weeks back. I don’t use that shit, but hung on to it
    for just this sort of sitution. I injected it into her ass, I guess that’s a good place. Very
    quickly, as it circulated her blood, she was wide awake, her eyes all buggy. Nearly
    tripping, but would definitely feel everything and not pass out no matter how much it

    I saw a large flat rock sitting close by and brought it over to her feet. I put one of
    her big toes on it and without hesitation began to smash it with another even larger,
    heavy rock. I took four or five hits until it was mangled, the bone just fragments and skin
    ripped apart. I did the same to her other big toe. For the rest, I first broke each one,
    twisting and pulling them back and forth until they were clearly deformed then extracted
    the toenails with a pair of small needle nose pliers. For each nail, I forced one end of the
    open tip under, clamped it, then just pulled until they were all disloged and removed. She
    struggled some, and from the sweat that covered her forehead despite it was getting cold.,
    especially near the river, showed me she was in a lot of pain. I moved the pliers to her
    nipples, clamping them really hard and did my best to remove them. It proved difficult,
    the skin was fairly taunt, so at the same time I took my twelve inch hunting knife and
    slipped the blade’s razor sharp tip underneath, aiding in my deed. The flesh now easily
    pulled away and I popped one in my mouth and tossed the other in front of this strange
    wild creature I suddenly noticed that sat nearby watching me torture my victim. It was
    not afraid it seemed, in tune with my animalistic behavior. It ate the flesh and
    disappeared back into it’s lair. I chuckled then turned back to face her. Her tits were fairly
    large and I slowly carved them from her chest with the hunting knife in a nice paced
    fashion. The flesh easily parted as the razor sharp, serrated steel cut her, round and round
    I went until they were completely severed. It was quite messy and I threw the meat and
    skin into the river. I watched it float away like her life will soon. She trembled, the tears
    stopped, her face stuck in a look of sheer terror. Concerned she would bleed out and die
    premanturally, I had to think fast. I searched my pockets and found several tubes of
    superglue I had used to repair part of my car earlier that day. I sliced them open and
    spread it all around her chest to seal up the gaping wounds. It must have hurt because
    she winched the entire time so I laughed at her. Her agony of course made me stiff again,
    and I cut the tape from her mouth, purposely slicing her face and punched her a couple
    times with a solid fist knocking out some teeth. She said nothing, her mind full of just
    agony so I forced open her gullet and fucked her mouth using her hair to push her face on
    and off me for a couple minutes. This time I couldn’t control myself, excited that I was
    about to kill her, and quickly approched orgasm. I nutted in her mouth and forced her to
    swallow it by holding her nose closed. After almost a minute of not letting her breath I
    let go and she gagged as I pulled out but had taken all of it into her stomach.
    “Good girl!” I said and stroked her cheeks, then brutally punched her stomach
    until she vomited and held her mouth closed so she had to re-swallow my cum and her
    blood. She nearly choked to death and started crying now as I looked at her with a sick

    “Okay, this is it now. I’ve had enough of you.” I told her. Much to my
    Surprise, she looked like she was trying to say something her lips slowing moving. I
    waited for her words, tapping my foot on the gound, but she said nothing, and her mouth
    closed again in total submission.

    I took the twelve inch partly serrated hunting knife and just drove it full
    force straight into her cunt all the way to the handle until I saw no more blade. Her eyes
    rolled into her head but she remained awake from the drugs as I now sawed her pussy.
    My hand disappered inside her, blood spraying everywhere as arteries were ripped apart
    as I still cut her. I must have hit her colon cause I saw some shit and even an organ or
    two, her flesh litterally splititng open before my eyes. I left the knife in her, took my
    hand and spread her own blood all over her stomach. She started to convulse, bleeding
    uncontrolably. I quickly reached into the wound and violently yanked out the
    weapon. Even more blood erupted and I raised it in the air and broght it down into her
    gut piercing the skin with no effort. I must have stabbed her two or three dozen times in
    rapid succession as my anger had now completely overtaken me. She thrashed, still
    bound, bucking like a bull, I mean it lasted maybe fifteen seconds, but to me time had
    already stopped. I quickly slit her throat with a cut so deep I saw almost the entire insides
    of her neck jump out at me, then I beat her on the head with the same rock I used to
    smash her toes and didn’t stop until I felt no movement from her and the blood stopped
    pumping out. Her head was completely smashed now, I could not even recognize her at
    all. Organs hung from her ravaged torso, she was utterly destroyed. Annhilated. The
    victim of a rage that knows absolutely no limit or boundries of any kind. I was breathing
    really heavy. I was in complete bliss, my mind full of the darkest engery one could feel. I
    eventually stood up, after maybe thirty minutes of sitting on her dead, mutilated body. I
    looked at her one last time. Got hard, masturbated, and came on her, then walked back to
    my car and drove away after taking a couple high resolution digital pictures.



    Thx Vex, i uploaded your story to the main page. Sorry it took so long, we’re back and running again 🙂


    Vex Malleus

    Thanks my friend! Cool site you have here. Very well designed. I never could get WordPress MU to work this well. hehehe



    I spent a lot of time to get it right, thanks 🙂


    Vex Malleus

    Cool, right on! 😀

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