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    Last night, after my daughters were asleep, I’d been watching porn online, very wet and horny. I put clover-clamps on my nipples, and attached a weight to the chain between them. I put on my leather ankle, thigh and wrist restraints and a ball-gag. I stood with my heels against the wall. I have a metal pole on one end of which I’ve put a realistic silicone cock dildo (the pole = the length of my legs). I shoved the cock into my wet cunt, and pushed the bottom end of the pole between my ankles, then fastened my ankle and thigh restraints binding my legs together (and keeping me from being able to bend my knees). I put the noose around my neck and tightened it. hooked my wrist restraints tightly together, and leaned into the noose while fingering my clit and pulling harder on the weighted nipple clover clamps. I had come once, and was seeing stars, very light-headed, clearly about to pass out again, but still leaned into the rope as I brought myself to another orgasm, and here I lost awareness, things blacked out.
    I came to lying on the floor, my nose bleeding from falling on my face, my fingers still between my legs, the silicone cock still up my pussy, straining to breathe with a tight rope around my neck. I was able to flip over onto my back, reach up and loosen the noose, and realize that the wall-hook had pulled loose, apparently not holding my full dead weight. I haven’t come that close before. This morning I had to explain my bruised face and bloody nose to Ashley and Kaitlyn (that I’d not turned on the light when I went to the bathroom at night and had walked into the door).



    Mother of God that is so hot… too bad you didn’t film it 🙂 Is this real, or just a made-up story to entertain us all? 🙂



    Wow, That is awesome!



    Yes it is real.

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