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    Hey snuffers and snuffee’s

    Just wondering what was the closest you all got in recreat ing a smuffled fantasy.

    To kick of here is mine:

    The fantasy was to have a bucket tied to my genitals and step by step weights would be added to it. The first kilogram would be freebee. The other nine would have to be earned by taking a kingkong dildo smeared with tapasco up my behind. Once ten weights were in I would be allowed to beg for taking a fuck up the ass in order to release.

    I set my fantasy up for recreation in the shower. The hoe in there to have a spray after every dildo ramming.

    It was quite intense to experience this process from crying in pain to soft whimpering, from there to blank suffering without uttering a sound. The tapasco fuck was predominant, getting more hot and fiery everytime and getting to the point where it felt my inside was on fire…and beyond. The strain on my crown jewels caused a dull pain to accompany the agony.

    To be frank I felt physically weakened for three weeks after but hey you only live….and die once 😀



    Hey man! Well, this is one of the most fucked-up fantasies I ever heard of! But that’s awesome, snuffme is all about being different and fucked-up, so don’t worry 🙂 My personal fantasy is being asphyxiated to death. The closest experience was to put a plastic bag over my head until I almost drop unconcious. Very dangerous game, I did not perform it another time, and would not recommend it to anybody 🙂 Well, I guess unless your fantasy is only pain induced – it’s ok, unless you hurt yourself with Tabasco to the point where you can’t take a dump anymore 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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