Catfights to the Death

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    Hello everyone. First time posting here. Let me just start by saying I enjoy only fantasizing about stuff like this, I am not a fan of the real thing.

    Does anyone here enjoy fantasizing about Catfights to the Death? I ask because I have plenty of stories and art work of my girl Miriam (she’s in my profile picture) involved in many catfights where she ultimately gets beheaded or killed in other ways.

    Would love to chat with others who have the same interest or even if you find Miriam attractive. We could find ways of making her suffer together!!



    Nice. I’d like to see that slut lose in the arena and pay for it with her head!



    To bad I can’t post pictures of the fighter but here is a sample of a story between Miriam and a extremely sexy brunette named Hill

    Miriam vs Hill.

    The crowd boo’d Miriam as she made her way into the Death Pit. Miriam wore her classic white bikini bottom and a blue bikini top.

    “REALLY? That’s how all you fucks feel about me?” Miriam is clearly distraught by the hostile crowd.

    “Come on Miri are you really that shocked? You’re old, ugly and used up!” those are some harsh words coming from Hilary who stood across from Miriam wearing a white bikini bottom and a American flag bikini top.

    Miriam is red in the face, she had to turn things around, she had to win this fight! Miriam clenched both her fist and she went punch crazy and attacked Hilary with everything she has. Miriam is the bigger girl and she knew one punch could end this prissy slut however everyone except for Miriam knew how this was going to end. Hilary is light on her feet and she avoided every punch then WHAM she punted the black bitch in her cunt!

    “UUUNNNNFFFF,” the cunt bust stopped Miriam in her tracks but the desperation showed and she tried to fight through the pain.

    “UUUGGGGGGG,” Miriam took another cunt bust this time she doubled over.

    Hilary shoved Miriam’s head between her thighs, then she reached down and wrapped her arms around Miriam’s waist, then she stood straight up which forced Miriam’s lower body to flip upwards. Miriam’s head is still wedged between Hilary’s silky thighs and she was getting a rush of blood to her head. This Pile Driver is Hilary’s finishing move and she executed it by dropping to her knee’s and spiking Miriam’s head into the ground!

    “Fucking pathetic…someone give me a sword!” Hilary never broke a sweat as a fan tossed her a sword and she went for the kill.

    Hilary used the back of Miriam’s bikini bottoms to lift the fat bitch onto her feet then she used the sword to remove Miriam’s top. Miriam stood topless on her feet, barely able to stand with her bikini bottoms left wedge into her fat ass.

    Miriam still has a glazed look on her face but she was regaining consciousness and understood that she still had a chance to take Hilary by surprise. Miriam pretended to be unaware of Hilary who is behind her. Then with a clenched first she twirled around and swung a wild punch at Hilary! PLANK the sound of bone cracking echoed in the Death Pit and the crowd gasped in shock! With just one swing her entire world went spinning.

    Miriam’s head fell to the floor and rolled between Hilary’s legs. Miriam’s eyes are wide as she starred up at Hilary’s perky little ass then she looked past it and saw her headless body still standing and her arms still punching. Her poor body didn’t know it was dead yet and it kept swinging at Hilary who just went along with it. Miriam’s headless body then took off sprinting forward and Hilary took a step to the side and watched as the headless corpse ran across the Death Pit before finally tripping over itself.

    “That’s one way to go!” Hilary laughed then she grabbed Miriam’s head and looked into its eyes, she still had a death stare and her face slowly twisted in agony but her mouth is still moving. The poor girl was trying to say something.

    Hilary took the head as a trophy and that night she used it to pleasure herself. She sat on Miriam’s face and grinding her pussy and ass against it until she covered it in her cum. She took full advantage of Miriam’s mouth then tossed the head into her fire place.

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