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    Cam Show Kimmi and The Tricky Chef
    By meatgirlkimmi A K A slave kimmi

    I, Kimmi had never really had a lot of money, and always seemed to find the lowest paying jobs. I looked for better jobs but with her high school education there was not much that paid well. I started to use chat roulette one night to relax and meet interesting people when one guy told me I should be a cam model who plays with toys and wears lingerie for men who pay to watch. At first this seemed like it was not for real until a dozen other guys said the same thing. I always thought guys looked at me and had a look of lust in their eyes, or staring at my breasts or ass. I got used to it but never thought about it til the night on chat roulette. Realizing I was very attractive to men and needing to make better money I researched becoming a cam show girl. I also started to look at myself in the mirror after showers and to my surprise I was very fit and quite beautiful and knew I could make more money using my body. I created an account on a site known for sex shows and decided to wear some of the lingerie I owned and use my vibrator and dildo on the cam to see if I could get watchers who pay for my cam.

    On the night of my first show which I had advertised for two weeks, I took a shower, dried my hair and put it into pig tails. Then I added some blue eye shadow to make my brown eyes pop, a little pink blush and fire engine red lipstick. I walked into my room and look through the few sets of lingerie I owned. I decided on the black bustier which had ten clips on the back, spaghetti straps, and most of it except the cups wear see thru lace and had attached garters. After getting it on and getting my breasts looking nice with plenty of cleavage, I slid on the matching black lace thong and black fishnets. I connected the attached garters to the fishnets and looked in the mirror. Something was missing from my looks. I then remembered I should be wearing heels, and found the one pair of hooker heels I bought at a Frederick’s of Hollywood. They were black with an open toe, single strap over the top of my feet, one strap around my ankles and 3 inch platform and 8 inch stiletto heel. I also grabbed the black leather dog collar I owned with a heart name tag on I had made at a Petco with the name I was going to use on the cam show in italics “slave kimmi”.
    I re-examined myself in the mirror and decided I looked sexy and slutty enough for my first show. I went over to my computer, logged into my account and got the webcam into the position I wanted it. Then when 10 pm Friday night hit my camera went live and within 60 seconds I had 12 viewers. I started by introducing myself as “slave kimmi” and I was there for their pleasure. I started by twirling my hair in my hands, rubbing my breasts over the top of my bustier and asking what I should do for them. The first guy wrote “Stand and show us your outfit!” so I did as I was told, I stood and slowly spun around. The next guy responded with “Deep throat that dildo like it is m y cock Slave!!!!” and luckily I had been practicing it and took in the dildo slowly until all 8 inches were down my throat and the rubber balls rested on my chin. It progressed until all I was wearing was my collar, fishnets, and my hookers heels and I was on my bed with the dildo all the way into my ass and I was cumming hard with my dolphin vibrator. By the end of the show I had 35 viewers and my next show was tomorrow night Saturday at 10 pm. Many asked for my size and measurements so they could send me outfits to wear, and other asked where to send gifts to use on the show. So I said I would set it up before the show the next night.
    So Saturday morning I awoke early to get to the post office before they closed and set up a P O box so my viewers would not know my home address, and then I went to the local Victoria’s Secret for a new outfit as I had made 300.00 on my Friday show. I picked out a school outfit consisting of a black bikini top with red trim and a red scarlet A+ on the left breast, matching thong with the A+, and a very tiny black and red plaid skirt. Also bought a pair of thigh high socks with red and black stripes and hooker heels that looked like sneakers. Having a a new outfit I headed home to relax and due house work. Two hours before my show I showered and put on the same make up as the night before but instead of pig tails I did a single pony tail on top of my but off to the right a little and decided to talk valley girl style, like for sure. My viewers increased to 60 and I made a lot more money and noticed I had five guys sending me toys or outfits. My newest viewer wrote a lot talking about how delicious I looked and how I had nice hams and a rump and went by the screen name of DGChef. He was polite but stood out. Over the next six months I received 100 + plus sex toys, lingerie sets, sexy costumes, and bondage gear and toys and again a few stood out from DGChef like the 18 inch long smooth metal dildo he called it. It had a slight point that was round, ne head or balls, but he said it was a dildo. By the end of the six months I could no longer use everything I gopt for gifts from my viewers and had broken over 2000 viewers every show. So I started doing specialty videos for each sender with his gifts he sent and that made me even more popular.
    DGChef started to send e olive oil, butter, and a new set he asked me to make a video for him. He even had instructions. The set was a three foot long pole shaped like the dildo he sent, and 12 inch version of the dildo with a ring and set screw that attaches to the 3 foot one. So for his special video I was to oil myself up with the olive oil, slide the three metal pole into my pussy, slide the 12 inch one as far as I could into my ass, and tighten the set screw then swallow the 18 inch one he sent earlier and lay on a table motionless for ten minutes so I did as he asked since he sent me the toys. I felt weird and the thought of being a spitted pig came to mind but it also made me tingle in a way I had never tingled before and I liked it. I started to chat with him online to get to know him and He was always sweet and a perfect gentleman. He told me if I did the show I did for him on private video my viewer rate would sky rocket and he shared with me Muki’s Kitchen pictures and how popular it was.

    So I advertised I was going to do a show like his private video and I hit almost 10,000 viewers, it was crazy and turned me on so much knowing that many men and women were looking at me and watching me. He then messaged me and said that we should meet for coffee and discuss doing a show where he prepared me and tied me up like meat and see how many more viewers I would get. I was not sure meeting a viewer was smart, but it was public and so I went to a meeting with him for coffee at a Starbucks and we sat at an outside table. I found out his name was Henry and he was an architect. It started with small talk, him complimenting me on my beauty and then he told me about his idea. It sounded scary as it would take place at his house and in his kitchen since I lived in an apartment. We met for a few more coffees and continued to discuss it and he had a script he wrote for us. I read the script and it felt weird saying that I was meat in the script but it was weird in a good way. I did not understand how I was feeling but he assured me it was just roleplaying with some bondage and I had been tying myself in videos for a few months and enjoyed the helpless feeling.
    On our ninth coffee date I agreed to at least go to his house and see the house, the kitchen, and get a feel for being there. He gave me a glass of wine and we sat by his fireplace and just talked half the night. As I was leaving Henry said he cared for me and only wanted what was best for me and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a huge hug and went home to my apartment. I thought about it for 7 full days and then called him.
    I called him scared at my proposal, the phone rang once, butterflies in my stomach, the phone rang a second time, shiver down my spine, then it rang a third time, and I went to hit end on my phone when I heard, “Hello Kimmi, niece that you called, What do I owe this Pleasure?” I stammered a bit scared to ask what I was going to ask but I did it anyways. “Henry, think we could do a bondage session at your house to get me used to it there?” “Yes my darling Kimmi, we can do that and we will pick a safe word for you.” I felt my womanhood tingle and my panties became wet from the answer. “So can we do it Sunday afternoon after my shows this weekend?” There was a long pause, then he spoke with a strong tone I never heard him use before, “My house, Noon, you naked under a rain coat!” and he hung up. I shook with fear, excitement, and sexual lust. The week flew by, the shows on Friday and Saturday flew by and the next thing I knew I was standing outside his door naked, and shaking under a raincoat. He opened the door and allowed me inside. I dropped my rain coat when he simple said “Coat off now!” The he started to walk towards a door at the back of the living room and said “Follow Kimmi”, and I did. We got down stairs and he told me his plan of three bondage positions, the first two with no gag and a safe word of “ketchup”, but the third I would be gagged since our kitchen would include an apple as a gag. At first he tied me into a simple but tight hogtie, rolled me on my arms and legs and flogged my breasts til I yelled “KETCHUP”, he stopped and untied me. It was the most extreme I had done and I only said the safe word from never doing it before. Next he took me over to a platform that was a giant X horizontal to the floor. “Kimmi climb on it and place your arms and legs on each arm of the X.” I did as told and he slowly moved around me, leather strap to hold my left leg, slowly moved more, leather strap to hold my right leg, and so on until all my limbs were strapped down and one across my waist. I was helpless. He looked at me, and I shuddered but my pussy started to drip with anticipation. “So Kimmi does this turn you on?” My voice was strained “Y Y Yes it d d does Henry.” He walked around me still; staring at my naked helpless body, then he reached out and pinched my left nipple hard and I let out a moan of pain mixed with pleasure. He did the same to my right nipple, and then he hooked nipple clamps to my nipples and pulled the chain five times causing me to scream out in pain but I did not want him to stop so I did not say my safe word. He walked around me, teased my clit with his finger and smiled.

    “Kimmi as long as we are playing call me Sir or Master and not Henry, Understand!” I flinched at his strong tone but I whimper out “Yes Sir” and he smiled again. He grabbed the flogger again and flogged my entire body until it was red and then he walked back to my pussy and started to finger me until I was moaning in pleasure. He brought me almost to climax then he quit. The he came to my head and blind folded me and whispered, “Do you want to quit Kimmi?’ I shook my head no. I felt his hands slide over every inch of my body drinking in his touch and yearning for that sweet release of climax, that’s when he pulled the chain of the clamps ten more times and slapped my pussy ten times then untied me. Then he slid off the blindfold and walked me over to a table. “Lay on the table belly down, hands behind your back.” I did as I was told right away with great want for more. He took my hands and tied them with a length of rope, then he tied the rope to an anal hook which he lubed and slide into my ass as I gasped at the cold temperature of the hook. Next he came to my side and slide a ring gag into my mouth which I accepted, and tightened it, making it impossible for me to talk. He moved back to my feet and I here chain moving, and then felt my ankles be separated and cuffs placed around my ankles. The I hurt chain again and felt him attach something to my ankles cuffs and then the movement of chain again, and slowly my spread legs were being hosted into the air. He continued hoisting me up until my head was even with his crotch and I felt the blood start to run to my head. I see myself in the mirror, hung upside down like the sow I saw at the butcher shop one day. My hands are in place cause of the hook, I can only moan and mmpphh with the ring gag in. As I hang there Henry walk away and when he come back he hangs a poster next to the mirror of a pig hanging by it feet, throat slit and bled and gutted. Henry walks up to me, squats down, “Kimmi do you feel like a sow right now?” I nod my head yes as I do feel that way. He continues loo0king into my eyes, “Kimmi I am going to grade your meat and you will change your cam girl name from slave kimmi to meatgirlkimmi to hype our show, Understood?!” I nod my head yes again. He slowly runs his hands over every inch of my body, pinching in place, and grabbing and groping in other places. After almost an hour he squats back down to look me in the eyes. “Kimmi, you are choice meat, GRADE A+ in my opinion.” “How does that make you feel?” As he asks this and I see myself in the mirror and the sow poster next to the mirror, I feel m pussy surge and I climax from the thought and his words and the juice of my pussy runs down my ass and belly. He smiles and says, “Good you are ready for the show in six weeks. You will make it look like you are a true meat girl for the video, you are going to crack 100,000 viewer and make a tons of money.”

    He then unzips his pants, pulls out his throbbing ten inch cock, slide it into my mouth and I willingly take it in and deep throat for as long as I can before I need air or start to gag. I continue this motion as he grabs the back of my head and face fucks me hard till I feel his wonderful delicious cock surge and I feel a huge hot load of salty semen slam into my throat and I start swallowing as fast as I can so I do not choke or drown. When he is done orgasming and cumming I suck his cock some more to get every drop as his semen is divine, like I have never tasted before. When he finishes he walks back toward the door to the living room. He opens the door and walks out and before he closes the door, he speaks “Keep looking at yourself, and the sow poster, and tell yourself you are nothing but meat for consumption until you feel like you really are meat for your character in the show cause we want people to believe you mean it and you will make more money.” I was left there for three more hours before he let me down without word and sent me home.

    Over the next weeks leading up to our cooking a girl as a roast spoof for the show I read and memorize the script, practice in the mirror, and then when I think it’s believable and sounds true I feel ready for this cam show. I changed my name from slave kimmi to meatgirlkimmi and start to advertise for the show which I notice will end up on Thanksgiving Day. It was going to be a morning cam show starting at 7 am so it looks like I was being cooked for thanksgiving for real but I and Henry knew it was going to be fake like Muki’s Kitchen pictures. So thanksgiving morning at 3 am I shower and give myself five enemas to clean myself out like I was told, and at 4 am I take a cab to three blocks before his house and I walk to his door and I knock. Henry answers with a gentle reassuring smile and allows me to walk inside. To start the shoot I have my hair up in a bun and wearing a red lace thong, and matching bra, red heels, and a pink lace apron that is very short and only ties around the waist. Reminds me of the tiny one on a French, maid outfit but Henry pickled it out for me. I see he has the kitchen almost ready and we have two hours to set the rest of the scene before the show starts. I set up my laptop and get the camera set so it can see the kitchen and the island counter where I will be prepared for our mock cooking show. I set out three pies on the counter, a bowl of green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
    In the kitchen he has some rope which I move to the island counter along with olive oil, a bowl of stuffing, a carrot cut into a butt plug, a freeze dried banana, an apple, sea salt, pepper, and parsley flakes and set them by the rope. I set a bowl and brush by the rest of the ingredients while Henry gets into his costume, full chef outfit with hat like in a gourmet restaurant. Just before 6 A.M. I turn on the camera so when the link goes live they can see. I see the red dot go on and I pretend I am making the side dishes. Henry walks into the room and look into the camera, “Hello Folks I am DGChef and today I am going to show you how to prepare your meat girl as a turkey for Thanksgiving. Hey meat get over here!” I stop what I am doing and walk over to Henry. “Meat, why are you wearing clothes?” I look at him and smile, “Because I want to look sexy for you.” He responds, “Meat doesn’t wear clothes and shouldn’t you be tenderizing yourself while I make the turkey baste for you?” I untie my apron and drop it to the floor, unclip the clasp on the front of my bra and my breasts pop out, and let it drop to the floor and slide my thong off slowly. I kick the heels off lightly and climb up on the island and lay back on one arm and start to finger myself into the cameras and see the comments of the viewer’s flying and I notice we are already over 100,00 viewers five minutes into our show. As I get close to climax Henry hands me a vibrating butt plug and vibrator. I slide them both in and within seconds I have a huge body shaking orgasm. As my second orgasm hits right after the first henry starts talking again. “Now for your baste you need a huge bowl, pour your gallon of olive oil in and a small hand full of sea salt and stir till it dissolves, then 3 tablespoons of pepper, and stir until that is evenly mixed. Next you will need two cups of parsley flakes and stir till even in your baste. The parsley will add little to no flavor on your meat girl and it is there for looks.” As he finishes the baste I have hit my tenth orgasm in a row. “Your meat should have between 15 to 20 orgasms before she is in the oven and mine has hit her tenth as you can tell.”
    “Now it is time for you to tenderize your meat so the baste can sit for a while. Make sure not to cum in her pussy or ass as it is for her last meal.” He smiles into the camera with a glint in his eye. Henry takes the vibrator from my pussy and leans me over and pulls out the butt plug. He looks at the camera, “Make sure the meat has been cleaned out before you start and mine showered and gave herself 5 enemas to make sure her insides her clean didn’t you meat?” I nod happily, “Yes I did Chef!” with a huge grin on my face. Just like the script told me too. Henry bends me over the counter, and starts to fuck my pussy hard, “Now you need to bring your meat to three orgasms vaginally and then three anally.” He thrusts and pumps hard till I have three massive orgasms and pull out and starts the process over with my ass. When I have my third orgasm from anal sex he pulls out and pushes me back onto the island. I am panting hard and very tired from 16 orgasms in 45 minutes.

    Henry looks at me and smiles, as I pant trying to catch my breath from all this. “Now to baste your meat, lay her one her back, take your brush, and brush on the baste evenly across her whole body, flip her on her side do the same thing, then onto her other side and baste that, and finally lay her on her belly and baste her entire backside.” He grabs some ropes, turn to me and continues, “Now we do some of the tying, wrap rope around her thighs and calves tightly but not to tight as you don’t want to cut off circulation, when you are done her knees will be bent completely and her calves will be tied to her thighs. Next take her hands and tie then by the wrists behind her back also tight but not to cut off circulation.” I lay there bound and helpless and I am a bit scared but I know this is all in his script so I go with it. Henry walks over the counter with the stuffing and grabs the bowl and bring it back to the island where I lay bound. “Before you finish tying her you need top stuff your meat as it would be much harder when she is fully bound. Are you ready to be to stuff meat?” I look at him, smile sweetly like I am supposed to and speak my line, “Yes Chef I am and make sure you pack it tight so I feed all your guests.” He looks into the camera, smiles and then speaks, “Don’t worry meat you will be packed until your almost bursting.” “Okay future chefs take and oil your hands with the baste, grab a handful of stuffing and push it into her open vagina, and continue this till it is packed full. Once it is full take the freeze dried banana and slide it into her pussy to keep the stuffing in place.” He then runs the brush across my pussy basting it and the banana. He re-oils his hands, and grabs a handful of stuffing, “Now folks you need to stuff her ass and it is the same process as her pussy.” He stuff multiple handfuls into my ass and I feel like I am about to burst but hold it in like the script says too. Henry grabs the carrots cut into a butt plug, “Take your vegetable, I am using a carrot but any long vegetable will do, cut it to look like a butt plug and shove it into your meats ass to hold the stuffing in. Once it is in she cannot push it out if you cut the vegetable right!”
    I am feeling weird with real stuffing in me and know I am in for an infection after the shoot but when I look to the laptop I see we have broken 250,000 viewers watching this. I feel a small thrill knowing how much money that is going to make me from this and the massive viewership. Then I snap back to what Henry is doing. “Okay people now you can finish tying your meat into her position for cooking. Wrap some rope around her neck and make a knot so it is snug to her throat but not choking her, then put her on her tied legs, slide the rope between her breasts, push it done between her legs, and pull it tight and as you see her breasts push into her knees, her head come down, now wrap the rope around her ankles and tie it off so she can’t move from her cooking positions. As you can see her clit is still able for you to play with it, so play with her clit and I am going to do that till she has four more orgasms as to hit that 20 orgasm mark.”
    Henry teases my clit and rubs my ass, I burst into another mountain erupting orgasm and he continues this so I have four in a row. When I have my fourth he stops and spins me around so my face is by his crotch. “Now our friendly viewers this is where you get your final blow job from your meat and give her, her last meal of cum.” “Meat do you have anything to say before I fill your mouth?” I turn my head look into the camera, smile, and I speak softly and lovingly, “Please give me last meal so you can get me in the oven to cook.” I feel almost sick saying my line, but the viewer response shows this was the perfect line at the time. Comments are flying to fast to read. Then Henry shoves his hard throbbing cock into my mouth, grabs my bun on top of my head and face fucks me hard and fast, making me gag, choke, and saliva drooling out of my mouth like mad. After fifteen minutes of this he pushes it all the way down my throat and I feel the many many surges and pulses of his cock and huge load of cum goes down my throat and I swallow as fast as I can so I don’t choke. He growls in pleasure as he unloads into my open helpless mouth. Again his cum is divine and I love the taste of every drop and hope I get to drink it down many more times in the future. He told me we would do many shows like this so he can enjoy the fantasy and I can make the money I want.
    Henry walks over to the oven, turns it on which I do not remember in the script but I have come to trust him and I figure he is doing it to make it look more real for the viewers. As he moves the dial for the temp he speaks over his shoulder, “turn your oven on to 250 degrees and when it hits temp you will put your meat in for one hour to get her to start cooking. At that hour point if she is young like our meat she will still be barely alive, this is when you bleed and gut the meat and stuff her belly and stitch it shut. She will; barely feel it if she is still alive and if she is dead already that is fine too. Then baste her and put her back in at 400 degrees for four hours basting every hour until she is cooked through and golden brown. You will see me do this throughout the process.” I hear him say this and I get scared, He is sounding like he wants to truly cook me, when he turns and gives me a reassuring wink and I settle again. He comes back to the island and grabs the apple. “Now folks you can either give your meat a chance for final words or just put the apple in her mouth and get her cooking once the oven pre-heats.” He looks me in the eyes, smiles sweetly, he speaks to me softly, “Meat do you have any final words for me or our viewers before I put the apple in?” I look at him, then I look into the camera, then I say the line he wrote for me, “Hello my wonderful viewers this is kimmi signing off forever, I am now just meat and my name is now meat.” I look to Henry and say my final line to him, “Sir thank you for accepting my meat, for preparing me so beautifully, and I hope my meat is succulent and delicious, I hope I will be a wonderful center piece, good bye sir and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!” Henry looks to the camera and says this is how you insert your apple so it will not come out.”
    He turned me face first into the camera, pulls my jaw down pushes the apple into my lower teeth, the grabs my bun, pulls back while still having a hand on the apple and pushes into my mouth. When he lets go of my bun my mouth closes onto the apple and then he pushed my jaw deeper into the apple and I cannot bite through it or move my jaw at all. “Okay meat try to get it out for me to make sure it is in good” he speaks. I try to bite through it, push it with my tongue but the way he lodge it in and set my jaw I can’t get it out. He watches me try and laughs at my attempts. “Can you get it out meat?” I shake my head the little bit I can. “Now to finish and get her in the oven to cook. We lift her up and set her into a one inch deep pan, take the rest of your baste and pour it over her whole body including her hair and face. You want to make sure she is fully basted.” He walks around the island pouring the baste all over me in the roasting pan. He licks his lips and smiles.
    “As you can see she is ready to bake and already looks delicious. Just in case you are wondering, her name was Kimmi and now her name is meat, she is a 27 year old Caucasian who is 5 feet 5 and ¾ inches tall and weighed 124 pounds before we started today. Once she is fully cooked I expect to get between 62 and 70 pounds of meat off her and she will be feeding fifty of my closest friends.” He look to me and smiles but not his gentle loving smile but an eerie evil smile I have never seen. He kisses me on the forehead and laughs, picks up the pan with me in it and carries me over to the oven and sets me on the counter. He opens the oven door, picks up the pan and set the pan on the door with me in the pan. He looks to the camera and laughs some more, “This piece of meat thought this was just a fake cooking show, I even convinced her to memorize the things she said like she was acting, but what she is finding out now is I am really going to cook her and eat her delicious meat. Good Bye Meat!” He then slides me onto the rack in the oven and closes the door to the oven and the full heat hits me and I feel a bit feint from it. I feel the heat on my whole body and I struggle against the rope but I know I will never get pout as the rope is thick and tied well and the way I am tied I can’t use the full strength of my muscles. I struggle for ten minutes but I know I am going to die and stop fighting so maybe I will live just a bit longer. In an hour Henry pulls me out and he sees I am still alive but barely holding on. He sets me down on the island and I can see the camera’s red dot is on and people are about to watch me finished off.

    He says to the viewers, “Now we will untie her feet but only her feet just in case she has struggle left in her. Take her out of the pan and lean her head over the counter with a bowl under her head. Now take a sharp knife and bring it across her throat smoothly and make sure the blood squirts into the bowl. No need for a big mess.” I feel the knife slide across my throat and I feel my blood drain out and hear it dripping into the bowl, then I feel the knife enter my belly just below my sternum and he slides it down to my pelvic bone. “Now as the meat bleeds out, slice open her belly and take out all of her guts and fill with stuffing also, then sew her shut with small stiches so they can hardly be seen.” After I feel my belly sliced open I feel his hands enter my belly and then my life blood spurts a couple times and everything fades and my eyes glaze over. I don’t feel him stuff me or sews me back up. “Now place your meat back in the pan one she is stuffed and sewed shut. You can take the ropes off as she is now just meat but pose her back the way she was sop she cook evenly through.” He does this to my body and for some reason I see him do all this like I am floating over the kitchen. I feel betrayed he did this to me, but I wonder if I will taste good. He leaves me in for five more hours basting me every hour in the juices from my meat and the baste he created. When he slides the meat thermometer into me I reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees so he takes me out and brings me to a very large table with fifty people including him waiting for my meat. They oooo’ed and ahh’ed over my golden cooked body, and Henry takes out a carving knife and carves out my cunt steak for himself before he allows anyone else to carve into me. Once he has my steak he licks his lips and takes a bit and rolls his eyes with extreme satisfaction and says out loud “God some of the best girl meat I have had, ever!” I notice he kept the webcam show going the whole time and through the dinner of my meat. And that is when I feel my spirits drift and no longer can see the seen. I am mad but figure at least I taste good and hope they will not waste my meat since I had to die for it

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