An Evening in Lana's Bistro

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    From Thomas the Hog!

    I’m LP69280 and have been at Lana’s for a few weeks so far, fattening up even further. Tonight I get to go out amongst the diners and present myself. I walk naked among tables filled with gorgeous women looking me up and down deciding if they want to order me or some part of me tonight. I walk up to the Chef’s table, as instructed in the kitchen, and present myself. The Chef’s table has Lana, Jinx and Alva from Longpig and the Femcans. A very special table indeed! “hello ladies. I’m Thomas, LP69280, and I will be your entre for the evening.” The ladies look up and smile. Lana motions for me to turn as Jinx and Alva pinch the hams. “The hams should be very juicy, as well as the back bacon and rump roast”, I say as I spread my legs for their inspection. Lana closes her menu and just says “roast him up whole with my special sauce.” “As you wish Femcan Lana” I respond as I turn and head back into the kitchen.

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