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    Hey there!
    Some of you may know that i have a lot of fun making 3dcg images. I am wondering what you are thinking about this kind of image in general? Is it ok for you, can you fap to it, do you hate it?
    I am asking this, because i think this is great way for “artists” to actually make art.
    For me, i am horrible at drawing and story telling. Its simply not my thing. But there are so much ideas i have, i want to let the world know about. 3dcgยดs are for me the perfect way to show them. When i first saw this kind of art, i didnt know of the possiblies… but i was stunned. When i saw all this images, i already missed something. Nobody is making the pictures i want to see. So i start to make them myself. This is 6 years ago now…
    With this little thread, i want to show you what is possible there… and i want to encourage you to try it yourself! There is a learning curve, but it is not really this difficult. There are 2 famous programms out there to make it:
    Poser: http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-3d-animation-software.html
    and Daz Studio: http://www.daz3d.com/ Daz Studio is free btw.
    I am using Poser 10 and Adobe Photoshop for my pictures. And almost every picture is without postwork.
    To start with, i want to show you one of my first pictures:
    It was one of my first attempts with Poser… horrible, i know.
    A few years later i tried to do a remake of this picture. Do you see the difference?
    Take a look at my pictures here at snuffme.com, and you know what is possible there. And i am far away from being a master at this. For really well made pictures, look out for Demontroll on Deviantart. Or check out the Master of this!



    Do you know an artist called Dino Velvet? He mostly does loli stuff, but his works are OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD (probably as good as yours :D)



    Yes, i saw the works of Dino Velvet a while ago. He is a great artist. There are a lot of great guro and snuff 3d artists out there, everyone with his own style. Some are bad, some are ok, some are masters of this. And to be honest, all of them inspired me to do this ๐Ÿ™‚
    But most people only see the finished image and have no idea how the progress works. I want to show the people here how it works, and maybe even to motivate them to try it themself.



    Got any plansfor some snake vore?



    I like snake vore a lot, and vore in general. I tried already to do some snake vore images, but i was never pleased with it. I was never able to do the jaws of the snake in a way it would look good, or the body of the snake in a shape as would be a human inside it. I will give it another try in future, but i cant promise it.



    Show whatyou have. It might look better than you think.



    I second that. Just dump your stuff here mate, we really won’t mind if some details are “imperfect” ๐Ÿ˜›



    Was looking everywhere, i dont think that i still have them. Will give it a new try in future. But at first, i would like to start a new “community project”, or maybe two ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am sure this part will be boring for the most people now, but i hope with this i am able to encourage more people to try it themself. I will show a few steps for in the progress of making a image. This was a easy image to do, because i dont used a lot of items in it. I am doing my images with a lot of low quality renders to see the results, and the final render will be in high quality with a longer render time.
    I will show you a few of the low quality renders and explain what i did there.

    The first one:
    I loaded the items i want to use, and added the character and hair. The model is Victoria 4.2, the oven is from Davoยดs cannibal kitchen. I set up the general pose where the girl is mounted on the pole and added some cuffs to the model.
    For now, it looks like this

    In the next step, the model was posed a little better. I removed the cuffs on her hands, because i want to use another way to tie her. I crossed her arms behind her back, to tie her in the next steps.
    Here is the image

    In the next step, i added a belt on her arms to tie her correctly. To tie a girl with a belt is really easy in poser. Her arms are already posed, it was not difficult to setup the belt for a good look. The belt is not correct on the backside, but this is not important because no one will ever be able to see this in the final image.
    It is looking like this for now

    I am pleased with the pose and the belt, so time to move on to the next step. A girl spitroasted on a oven will not have this relaxed mimic. Time to work a little on her face. She should be still alive, so i let her eyes open. But of course she knows was happening with her… so it should be no surprise that she is afraid!
    I think this mimic matches the situation very well

    The pose and the mimic are done. Time for the background. I already know how i want to look the final render, so the background is not important. A simple wooden floor and wall will do the job.
    With the added background, it look like this

    Now its time to light up the oven. Because Poser has no value for heat, i only do this with another lightning. The heating pipe needs to glow. So i change the material on it and make them glow. Because these pipes will be the most important light source in the final render, they will not only glow, they will emitt the light.
    Its looking like this now

    I am pleased with it for now, time to do a test render in better quality, but small size. To see how the light settings i choose will work, i turned down almost every light, except the glowing pipe from the oven.
    Here is the result

    This image is ok for now, only need to adjust the light setting a little more. When you a curious, this is how it would look in low quality when the lights are turned off:
    Have a look…

    Now its time to resize the image and render it in full quality. Just to mention, in the final render there are still a lot possiblies and options turned off. In the last time, i discovered to work with field of depth… the image look much better, but need a lot of time. My first render with it enabled rendered for almost 12 hours.
    But let us take a look on the final render

    So… its not this hard to make a image, but it needs some time. I hope you liked it this far.
    For the community project i have some ideas… i will post a drawed image, and we will use this image to make a 3dcg. The community will have the chance to alter the images, change some things. Will post it step for step, until we will have our final render.

    Will start it soon ๐Ÿ™‚



    Sweet m8 ๐Ÿ™‚



    Cadi it’s good man! Lighting gets better the obscurity leaves more room to the imagination m keep rocking (and roasting ๐Ÿ™‚

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