[NEWS] IMPORTANT: Major changes are coming

Due to recent events I have an announcement to make. Because of some idiot faggots ASKING ABOUT CHILD PORN on the chat, I will have to remove public access to it. The chat will be membership-only (for $1 or 1 EUR/month). This way, if any other pudding-minded asshole asks about underage stuff on my website, I will provide respective authorities with their full personal data gathered from paypal transaction. Also, we’ll be launching extended membership accounts with your own @snuffme.com private, SSL-secured email address with 5GB of storage space (for $5 /month.) Let me know in the comments if you want to make reservation for a specific email address. Over.

P.s. To the faggot asking about underage porn: Interpol already has the MAC address of your network card. They’re coming for ya, mate 🙂 Seriously, you haven’t even thought about posting through VPN or a proxy? Jesus christ, what an utter idiot…

[NEWS] Help us stay online!

My dearest users and snuff fantasy maniacs. Since asking for donations is not in a good manner, I would like to politely ask for your help, which won’t cost you a penny. As you probably all know, server space, bandwidth and web domains are not free, and by July (this year) i’m going to have to pay for it. Every time you click on an image, which redirects you to an external image hosting service with your adblok turned off, or click on the video thumbnail to watch it, you’re helping me to achieve my financial goal to raise money for snuffme’s server space. Currently, we’re not even halfway through, so please, consider turning your adblock off from time to time.
Take care people 🙂