[Story] Princess Andrea Pays Her Debt – A royal beheading

Princess Andrea Pays Her Debt
A story by Heater

She had lived a spritely life as a youth, parties, royal celebration balls, and the never-ending suitors for her hand in marriage. Andrea was now at the end of her life. Still youthful, still beautiful, her life full of promise and potential, her life was to be cut short for a single act of impetuousness.
She had refused the Duke, now Lord Protector of the Realm, her favors as well as her hand in marriage, and had wagered he could not find another woman for himself or his obnoxious son. Both men were crass, cheap imitations of true royalty and in Andrea’s mind, beneath her or her royal family. She loathed his power over her people. She vowed would not marry the Duke and a simple wager was the single impetuous act that brought her to the cell she now occupied.

Andrea had wagered that the Duke would remain unwed for at least five years, and that his son would have to import his bride from central Europe in order to have the least chance of producing an heir. The wager was to be that if Andrea won the wager, she would be free to leave the kingdom, and choose her own mate as she saw fit. If she lost, she would be forced to give up her crown, her lands, and her position in court to become the lady-in-waiting to whomever the Duke could cajole to be his wife.
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Automatic Gallows Machine

AutomaticGallows-610x466Jabez L. Woodbridge’s patent no. 541,409 – the Automatic Gallows Machine was designed to, as Woodbridge claimed “provide an apparatus or machine by means of which the penalty of capital punishment may be inflicted with certainty”. Woodbridge worked as a janitor/warden of the Wethersfield Prison from 1893-1899, and patented his idea in 1895.

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