Voluptuous Vixens – Sci-Fi Horror Celebrity Slaughter

Coco Austin, blonde trophy wife of Ice T, was vacationing on the Black Sea coast in Romania. Dressed in a tight sheath dress that barely contained the 39-23-40 figure and DD tits of her 5’2″ 130 lb body, the drunk Coco stumbled out the backdoor of a sleazy dive bar into a garbage-strewn alley to avoid waiting paparazzi.

Coco made her way deeper deep into the dimly lit alley, hoping to find an exit, staggering through pools of filthy water dripping from gutter spouts. Coco, gasping as huge rats darted in front of her, turned around, startled to see the two killers, two voluptuous blondes of medium height, step out of the shadows behind her. Before Coco could react, one killer pinned Coco’s arms behind her while the other slipped a clear plastic bag over Coco’s head then twisted it tight. Coco’s mouth gaped wide in a silent scream, her body soon going limp. The killers slipped off the bag, stripped off the dress, and dragged Coco’s nude unconscious body by its ankles deeper into the alley.

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Night Time Pleasures

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I wrote this in one sitting in 2006 during a time of extreme sexual mania. It’s based around a girl I was fucking at the time which made it that more intense. I apologize for any misspellings.

Night Time Pleasures

I was horny as shit and couldn’t remember when I wanked last. It was around
2am when I went for a drive. After a few minutes, I made a quick turn on a dirt road. I’d
never been here before and damn it was really dark. Not a cop in sight, as if there ever
was, too busy worrying about the drunk drivers on the main roads. But I wasn’t drunk, I
don’t drink, I was horny. But more importantly, I felt sadistic. I’m a masochist too no
doubt. But on this early morning I needed to inflict pain, not recieve it. I need to cause
hurt, I need to hurt a girl, really bad. I kept on the dirt road, drove past a large house old,
and then up into the woods. Deep into the woods. I was climbing a mountain, my ears
even popped a little. I saw no cars, houses, or lights at all. Just woods and the moon
overhead. I drove maybe 30 minutes, at a constant pace, saw absolutely nothing, just
trees and some fields. The grade leveled off flat now, at the summit I guess, when I saw
something large enough to catch my eye moving up ahead.

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Slaughtering the slavic bitch

Celeste’s lab coat concealed 44DDD tits and a body toned and taut from hours in the gym. Not wanting to begin her career in neuroscience burdened with student debt, Celeste was working her way through college as a call girl, fetish model, and part-time stripper. Already busty, Celeste further boosted her modeling and stripping career with a breast augmentation.

Celeste’s first kill was busty milf Monica, a curvy brunette real estate agent of medium height with 38DD breasts and saucer-sized areolas with hard erect nipples the size of pencil erasers, Monica, still dressed in a pinstriped dark blue wool suit with a too short skirt and too tight white silk blouse, ended up at the bottom of a pool after being raped to death with a huge dildo that burst open her intestines.
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Holly’s Sexicide

The video began with security camera footage of Holly parking her Mercedes convertible in the basement garage of the high rise tower where she had her office, then getting into the elevator. Holly was a short curvy blonde in her mid-thirties with 38DD tits who favored short tight skirts. On the surface she was a legitimate acting agent, but secretly specialized in pimping out famous actresses who would fuck anyone for the right price. Preoccupied by texting on her cell phone, Holly did not see a fiftyish brunette wearing sunglasses and a long black vinyl coat, step out of the elevator, holding what appeared to be an ordinary cell phone.
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ANDREA’S BETRAYAL story translated from my spanish story

“Andrea’s Betrayal”

(first story)


In the gloomy Royal Court of Justice of the Island “Cuello de Mujer” (Woman’s Neck), the severe and deep voice of the Royal Judge is heard, who says in a firm and decisive tone

– “Andrea, Queen of this Island, you have been found GUILTY of High Treason by Adultery in prejudice of our sovereign Sultan King Monarca”

After a brief pause the Royal Judge continues
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