Snuff Humour #1 – Why is there so dry?

Hello folks. First, I’d like to appologize for not caring enough about snuffme. Second, I’d like to promise it will change in a matter of weeks. I have stumbled upon a great archive of pics and vids, and believe me or not, it takes a shitload of time to catalog and sort them. So keep alert, and while we wait for new snuff porn updates, I present to you… SNUFF HUMOUR!


[NEWS] IMPORTANT: Major changes are coming

Due to recent events I have an announcement to make. Because of some idiot faggots ASKING ABOUT CHILD PORN on the chat, I will have to remove public access to it. The chat will be membership-only (for $1 or 1 EUR/month). This way, if any other pudding-minded asshole asks about underage stuff on my website, I will provide respective authorities with their full personal data gathered from paypal transaction. Also, we’ll be launching extended membership accounts with your own private, SSL-secured email address with 5GB of storage space (for $5 /month.) Let me know in the comments if you want to make reservation for a specific email address. Over.

P.s. To the faggot asking about underage porn: Interpol already has the MAC address of your network card. They’re coming for ya, mate 🙂 Seriously, you haven’t even thought about posting through VPN or a proxy? Jesus christ, what an utter idiot…

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